What Are The Causes Of Teenage Depression?

Causes Of Teenage Depression

One of the major blocks in the mental makeup of a person in his teens is teenage depression. Imagine the state of a teenager who, at his age, should be fighting against all odds being a victim of depression. As it is known with other forms of depression, teenage depression is not born in a child. Rather, it is the circumstances and the behavior of the teen to the circumstances that result in cases of teenage depression. The best approach to help them is therapeutic community treatment.

What are the causes of teenage depression?

There are the following causes that we can consider for the causes of teenage depression.

Mental Block

This being the formative years of a mindset, one cannot afford to have a mental block at this age. Some teens do have a mental block against some events, and it is this mental block that results in the teen suffering from teenage depression. A classic case of teen depression is examination. How many times have we heard of students feeling down and de-motivated just before an examination? The reason for this is that they would have developed a block against examinations from a very young age which causes them to be apprehensive.

Upbringing from childhood

It is believed widely that a child who has a normal upbringing from childhood does not report adolescent depression normally. Children who have grown up seeing their parents fight day after day are quite susceptible to teenage depression. Children who grow up without their parents’ care and love are extremely prone to teenage depression.

Circumstantial behavior and daily activities

In this age of computer games and internet games, teenagers are extremely vulnerable to depression. By spending long hours in front of the computer playing games, teenagers are prone to mental degeneration. As per statistics, close to 30% of teenage depression cases are due to prolonged exposure to video games and internet games. Making friends is an important activity for teenagers at this age. People who have a wide and good friends circle generally are not a victim of teenage depression. Isolation from society is not helpful for a person of any age, and especially it is a strict taboo during the teenage.

The treatment of teenage depression is simple, i.e., you just need to talk to the teenager as much as possible. This is not an age where an individual must be treated with antidepressants. Critically, these antidepressants would become a way of their lives, and later on, teenagers would not be able to love without these drugs. The teenage mind is considered to be extremely raw at this age and can be molded the way one wants. Motivation is the key for such teenagers, and often it is found that the teenagers who are motivated enough do not fall into the trap of teenage depression. Even if they do, they come out of it rather easily.

The key to curing teenage depression is not drugs or any other highly medicated option. I can assure you that mere talking to the teenage individual will do the trick.