Vibram Men’s Signa Athletic Water Shoes Review

For a workout one that covers fitness on land and water you need the right equipment.

Most of us only workout on land; for those who choose to workout in water also, there is a footwear option that provides optimal support, comfort and balance. Vibram water shoes are one way to carry your exercise routine right into the pool for aqua-aerobics.

Vibram water shoe is designed to offer superior support and dryness for your feet. It is constructed with a high-density foam and an air mesh upper that dries quickly. Its molded midsole and outsole both have drainage ports that offer added support and aid in keeping the feet dry. That’s not enough, Vibram also made the shoe of synthetic leather that also dries quickly, giving the shoe the best drying capacity it could offer with excellent quick dry materials.

It’s not just the exterior materials and the drainage ports that make Vibram water shoes great for water activity, it’s also the molded foot-bed with mesh Stroebel board that offers ventilation and efficiently absorbs moisture. For inner dryness, the sockliner and midsole are perforated to allow maximum water drainage as well.

The shoes are versatile and can be worn in the gym or in the pool. When getting the best workout, the pool doesn’t have to be off-limits because of your footwear. With Vibram water shoes, water or dry ground is a good exercise plain.

Despite its weight, it provides sufficient mid-foot support and stability, adding to the lightweight aspect of the shoe. Vibram was very concerned about personal fit so they made the foot-bed removable. While the food-bed offers additional cushioning, removing it allows some wearers the extra room needed for a better fit.

Water shoes by Vibram are built with the fastest drying capacity. It uses quick drying mesh and synthetic leather on its exterior with a high-density foam which also dries quickly on its interior. Its sockliner and midsole are perforated to speed up the drying process when not submerged in water.

The shoe was built with extreme attention given to details like weight and of course traction and flexibility. All this has been achieved through the use of technologically advanced materials. Vibram’s rubber sole not only offers traction and flexibility, it has built-in drainage ports to expel water so the shoe dries quickly. The shoes can be bought at Review Gurus between the price ranges of $49 and $99.

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