Does mirror bother you? You don’t wanna look at your body? Some hot cocktail dresses attract you but you’ll find yourself unfit for them? You find yourself ugly because of your unshaped body? Then you don’t need to worry about it. If you put some effort and take out little bit time for yourself you’ll definitely get into shape. Healthy nutrients and workout can totally change you from fat to flat. But you don’t know about that how to achieve it? Then gives you top five best exercise and fitness tips which boost your energy, give you healthy nutrients and shaped body.

1 – Embrace Nutrients Diet

Look at mirror? With fatty tummy, double chin, pimply face and dry hairs. Is that really you? These all things are because of your unbalanced diet and unhealthy routine. First of all you need to balance your diet. Remember that never skip meal from your diet. You want strong and healthy skin instead of skinny structure. Go to any good nutrients and make your nutrients diet plan.

2 – Change Your Meal

Ones you have diet chart in your hand, you need to act upon it. It’s hard to embrace raw vegetables and fruits, tasteless meal instead of crispy, spicy meat stuff. But you don’t need to eat tasteless stuff, just find out Paleo diet recipes which not only give you complete nutrients and fewer calories but also has incredible taste.

3 – Get Balance in Your Diet

You have a chart, you search out nutrients recipes? But no idea how to follow it? Then these simple tips give you instructions to maintain your balance diet plan;

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Adopt raw vegetables and fruits as your main course. Try to eat green vegetables and pulp fruits, which are rich in nutrients.
  • Take lean cut of meat, try to taken out white meal like seafood and chicken instead of red-meat. Seafood is most recommended because it has omega-6 and good fat.
  • Avoid junk food and sweets in your meal. Avoid dessert also, instead of dessert you can take one piece of date.

4 – Set Your Future Goals

Now it is time to setting out your goals. First watch out your weight and then set that in this month you have to loss specific weight. For example you have weight of 70 kg then set your goal to loss 1 to 2 kg for a month. Try to make short-term goals it will easy than long-term goals.

5 – Follow Effective Exercise Routine

Now it is time to move on for some push-up. Take a glimpse on your tough schedule and take one hour for your exercise. Remember in your mind, you are in whatever situation, you’ve to do exercise in that specific hour.

6 – Turn Your Environment into Gym

Whenever you start exercising, you have to search out everything about your workout plan. Find out something of your interest. Take out your exercise stuff into your home. It will motivate you to exercise and loss weight.

7 – Make Things Interesting for You

Is it hard to get out from your comfort zone? Then start exercising from your comfort zone. First day start walk for ten minutes and give you challenge that next day you’ll do more. Instead of joining gym, you cam join sports club of your interest. It will be more interesting than boring workout.

8 – Do Stretching

Stretching before workout gives you more space and prepared yourself fir healthy workout. It’s also good for flexible body and engage your concentration into your exercise.

9 – Give Some Space

It’s very difficult to start hard workout and avoid all your junk food at once. So give yourself little bit space. If you tired to doing exercise daily, you can take rest from it by reducing few minutes. You can also taste little portion of chocolate or ice cream once in a week.

10 – Motivation

You’re perfect, you’re doing hard to get into shape and you’re sacrificing your favourite things. These all are such a hard tasks you’re doing during your work days. So you deserve motivation, go in front of mirror, look at your self and heads off yourself for doing such a good things for your beautiful future.

I hope you have got your answer to ‘what is the best way to lose belly fat?’. Now it is up to you to get slim figure with no fat on belly.

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