Tips to Get Whiter Teeth with a Healthy Diet


Do you know good nutrition plays a vital in the improvement of your oral health and smile? When I leaf through women’s magazines and see those models with those white teeth I wonder, how they got it. Many of them carry bags and subjected to bleaching techniques, but others only apply common sense yes, they eat well; some foods can benefit our oral health, others, however, may harm. Here I detail which products will ensure to get you whiter teeth and a healthy and fresh smile.

For example, fruits, as well as snack and choice for dessert are highly recommended foods to take care of teeth and gums. This is the case of hard fruits like apple or pear. Furthermore, fruits such as coconut or natural figs serve to prevent periodontal or gum diseases.

The same applies to vegetables, essential in a balanced diet and disease prevention, including oral. Chewing favors and salivation is excellent oral neutralizer.

Legumes contain vitamin which is beneficial to prevent glossitis (inflammation of the tongue), angular stomatitis (cracks in the oral area) or the labial cheilosis (cracks in the lips). Because of its high fiber content, it also prevents periodontitis.

Bluefish contains Omega 3 which helps fight oral infections. Season meats such as roe deer, hare and partridges also contain vitamins B, particularly B12 and phosphorus, necessary for the formation and maintenance of bones, teeth and gums.

Foods That Stain Teeth

Just as there are foods that improve the health of your mouth and teeth get whiter, others can dye them with stubborn stains. The problem is that they are necessary for our health. Therefore, after consuming such foods, you have to brush your teeth well.

Fruits and Vegetables

Some fruits and vegetables such as Granada, beets or blueberries can stain the enamel of the teeth. However, foods are beneficial to health, so it is not recommended to avoid them, but take extreme hygiene after eating them.

Hot Meals

Very hot foods are not good for oral health as they weaken and stain the teeth more easily.


Meat, as explained above, is beneficial to the health of the mouth due to its composition in vitamin B. However, they are hard to chew and can cause problems in those with dentures or problems in the gums so we recommend avoiding them.

Dark Beverage

Drinks such as coffee or wine contain substances that can stain our teeth. In the case of wine, the tannins dry mouth and make the teeth are stickier. Moreover, even white spots can accelerate other foods to contain erosive acid. The stains caused by the coffee, meanwhile, are very difficult to remove.

To ensure dental health in optimal condition with visit professional dentists for whiter teeth.