Tips to Choose the Best Dance Studio Mirrors

The size and location of the dance studio mirrors is a determining factor for learning in the dance classroom; on them depends the disposition of the class as well as the placement of the students in the work of the center. The dance studio mirrors should occupy the longest side of the room with being two meters in height.

The students group together to be seen in the dance studio mirrors, which will not have enough space to dance. If, on the other hand, they do not have enough height, then the feet will not be seen, an important factor in a class of dance, especially in the one of ballet. The dance experts say that we speak with the feet and these must be as flexible and manageable as the hands of the painters.

A very important factor to take into account when buying dance studio mirrors is the quality for the reason that some mirrors distort the image, affecting even the body self-perception. You must choose the finest quality, although unfortunately they are most expensive ones. They are the only ones that do not cause distortion, thus, giving the dancers the correct image of both their work and their body.

Another important element is the fixing of the dance studio mirrors on the wall. Due to the large size of the mirrors, we need in dance classes and that in schools we work with relatively small children, they must be glued on a panel of wood of the same dimension, which has previously been nailed to the wall. Sometimes, thinking about reusing them or changing them, they simply stick with a frame around instead of gluing them. This is not advisable, since the little ones at first are attracted to them very much and feel the imperious necessity to touch them, with the potential danger that entails that they can come out of the frame.

Do not place bars in front of the dance studio mirrors, as it makes it difficult to see the work in the center, but if you have mirrors on the side walls, it is positive. In the elementary classes where the work is done with both hands to the bar are very useful in the sides, since the possibility of the students are observed, facilitating their learning.

The last point to comment is the need for dance studio mirrors to be always clean. It is no use a room full of mirrors where the students cannot see well because the mirrors are covered with mist, the sweat of the body of the dancers when sticking to them or the hands of the little ones.