The calculation of calories burned is measured as a function of exercise intensity. With a calorie burning calculator, you can know how many calories you can burn according to your activity including housework.


In swimming, you move every muscle in the body which improves agility without straining the joints and no matter what age or fitness to practice. Butterfly is the most heart-rate rising style and accelerates fat burning. In any case, swimming for an hour at a good pace can get you to burn up to 500 kcal.


With this sport, you can get slim in a few weeks as it shape and strengthen your legs, thighs and buttocks. You can burn 400 to 800 calories depending on your skates.


It burns calories up to 500 and strengthens your legs. You can start in rather smooth surfaces and you will be able to do it better after a few miles at a moderate pace.

Cross Country Skiing

It is a true calorie burning activity up to 1,000 at a times. With it, all muscle groups are worked intensively and while burning calories, can enjoy the nature around you.


It is a very healthy and also inexpensive exercise. If you travel about 8 km per hour, you can get to burn about 500 calories.

Improve Your Diet

The diet is responsible for the prevention of various diseases and strengthening our immune system and mood. Therefore, you have to eat right and stay in the normal weight. It is achieved by providing body with all the necessary nutrients, energy (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and non-energy (vitamins, minerals and water) in an appropriate ratio.

Control Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

It is vital to control blood pressure as well as cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular problems. But in the lives of women, there are two times when you have to pay special attention i.e. pregnancy and menopause. In the first case because it can affect both the mother and fetus, and menopause, because a high percentage of women develop an increase in blood pressure during this stage of life.

Recent studies indicate that women who reduce salt intake and alcohol, conducted regular, moderate exercise and try to stay away from situations that can cause them stress maintain optimal levels of blood pressure. Moreover, the benefits are even greater if they increase consumption of fruits and vegetables in the diet and reduce saturated fat and red meat.

As in blood pressure, diet plays a vital role in maintaining appropriate levels of blood cholesterol. All foods contain cholesterol but the difference is that some contain good cholesterol (HDL) and other bad (LDL). Fruits and vegetables contain unsaturated fats and, therefore, good cholesterol. In contrast, animal products contain saturated fats and excessive consumption tends to raise bad cholesterol levels. This does not mean they have to be eliminated from the diet, but should be consumed in moderation.

Following these guidelines eating and exercise can help you improve your blood circulation and achieve optimum levels that help you enjoy good health. You are suggested to try 3 Week Diet for a complete diet solution.

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