The Traits to Be a Good Student in Teacher Training Program of Yoga

Teacher Training Program of Yoga

Besides what you learn in the yoga teacher training program regarding the practice of yoga and thought behind it, note that the training of teachers is a life experience that is usually intense and transformative, full of lessons for you. What you learn in this training extends to teachers and colleagues who know, consciousness you acquire, change in our perception and what you learn about yourself and what we learn is not only in academic programs but living yoga every day.


Stay in the moment and embrace the experience completely, and as it comes, with a positive thought. One of the most important lessons of yoga is to let things be. It is about accepting life every moment as it comes without resistance and seek contentment with the possibilities it offers. Do not leave the present, focus on each particular task with joy and stay focused on what you are living and learning, which is extraordinary.

Have Confidence

Experience requires trust in teachers and in the tradition of yoga. Trust in the wisdom of what you are learning and develop it, although sometimes it can feel strange. It is a normal question because yoga shakes us of everything we have learned as truths. You have to be persistent and seek the best of every situation and do not let yourself fall into the mind games, just watch it.

Allow Yourself to Work on Yourself

You grant permission yourself to put aside your concerns and responsibilities and take this time to take responsibility for yourself. You are keeping most importantly and it is to meet you to improve and develop all your soul, heal what has to be healed, find your overall health and happiness. If you are happy, you make others happy.

Treat Yourself with Love

When you start to learn about yoga and its ethical principles, you become aware of the importance of compassion for all beings, beginning with yourself. You must listen to your body and do not be resistant, never judge yourself or compare yourself and always trust your inner strength and wisdom. Yoga leads us to overcome our limitations which are in our mind.

Be Open and Receptive

You need to be detached during that time of your expectations and try to take away from your ideas and your beliefs, and you get what you get with joy. The most important thing is the will to reflect, learn and live what is transmitted. You will have tools to be healthier, have more personal power, and openness to grow internally and you also open to the beauty of a spiritual life.

Swami Sivananda is a well-known name among famous yogis from India. The training of Sivananda is based on the old tradition known as gurukula system of yoga, in which teachers and students live together in the same place usually called an ashram or in an environment similar to a traditional spiritual center where spiritual practice or sadhana becomes a way of life.

Thus, spiritual practice is integrated into an intense routine and all that constitutes yoga in its original form with four paths of traditional yoga, eight steps of classical yoga, five essentials of yoga systematized by Swami Vishnudevananda and other forms and practices of yoga.

This is done virtually through discipline and yogic lifestyle i.e. seeking the development of every part of our being while favoring the purification of body, soul and spirit. In addition to knowledge about how to conduct and teach practices, ethics, personal discipline and inner harmony, they are fundamental in the tradition of Sivananda Yoga for transmission.

The yoga course program, about one month, itself is an example of a yogic life. The five points of yoga i.e. exercise, breathing, relaxation, proper diet, in addition to meditation and positive thinking are the backbone of spiritual practice. This has the characteristic of being systematic and comprehensive, and that addresses every aspect of human beings with different techniques such as meditation, a unique program based on twelve asanas, pranayama, kriyas, yogic power, thoughts and energies.

In addition, activities that take place throughout the day articulate with raja yoga (the yoga of mind control), other paths of tradition revealed by Bhagavad Gita. The programs of teachers are carried out in a more intense way in their retreats and ashrams. Sivananda is based on a traditional program and spiritual principles such as compassion, simplicity, humility, perseverance, effort, self-observation, being in the present moment, detachment and acceptance. All those principles lead to the ground to calm the mind and transcend the ego to be in union with existence.

Sivananda offers a training course through a classic and authentic program with profound teaching in addition to giving students the necessary preparation to share and disseminate this knowledge which is a part of the project to world peace. Under the concept of unity in diversity, it brings together people from different parts of the world with different life histories, cultures, ethnic backgrounds and professions to learn in groups around this universal knowledge.

The purpose of Swami Vishnudevanda, founder of the international organization Sivananda, this project was to train world leaders and responsible citizens through knowledge of Vedanta and Yoga, which can bring light to society.

Sivananda School preserves the essence of yoga and is based on the system of thought, education and most authentic practices yoga training in India. This adds to the fact that it is inspired by the teachings of Swami Sivananda, great teacher and scholar who in addition to his service to humanity, sought the integration of human beings and honored all beings alike. In this sense, yoga is seen as a universal knowledge with which every person can seek health and happiness of all in addition to transmit it to others.

Therefore, to make a training course for yoga teachers is possible with only a true interest to learn, willingness and openness to this ancient tradition. Sivananda is a community that seeks peace, love, self-realization and collective work.

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