The Strategic Role of Gym Mirrors

It seems that this is a meaningless urban legend but far from being so, it is a strategy of marketing and sales very well thought out and devised for all those who somehow go to the gym to modify their physique. And what better way, although we will see that it is not so, to check the results of our training that both sweat and tears are not costing, than to look at ourselves in the gym mirrors to see if the effects become visible and appealing. Well, from now on be very careful with this.

It is logical to think that a person who goes to a gym to stay in shape, if whenever he comes and looks in the gym mirrors is more defined, with more volume or thinner, think that his or her training is working and the effort deserves the penalty in addition to inherently associate the idea with that the gym is part of our improvement, so the desire to go to it increases and this is what the center seeks.

If, on the other hand, we appear to be fatter, less defined or with a volume higher than desired in the gym mirrors, we think that either our coach is not doing his job correctly or that the routine is not meant for us or in the worst case we have no solution and that going to the gym is an unnecessary waste of time plus an expense that does not give any benefit to us other than the fact that we can make new friends there.

For this reason, the gym mirrors are manipulative, so that we see ourselves as we want to see us. Of course, each gym mirror will act differently according to the room in which it is, because the same people do not go to the same purpose to a training class as to the weight room. Hence, in the weight room the gym mirrors show bulkier, toned and even defined bodies, while in the aerobics room, maintenance or cardio mirrors are used that show thinner bodies with better figure.

If we add the effect that the lights and shadows create on our body that define and further shape our physique, we realize that everything is strategically designed for the gym to become a sanctuary of cult to the body in which we are perfectly at ease and in which our effort is according to the results that we are apparently obtaining.

The key is simple that the gym mirrors can deceive but the measuring tape and ultimately the numbers never do, so in the face of doubt, measuring the torso, arms or legs can be decisive to see if your improvement is real or not, as well as standing in front of a gym mirror and moving back and forth to see if the shape is distorted.

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