Symptoms And Treatment Of Alcohol Poisoning

Treatment Of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is intoxication with alcohol the decay products of ethanol. Up to the point that death may occur. Not to mention the severe physical and sometimes mental consequences.

Appears when:

Chronic drunken alcoholism.

A single intake of excessive unusual for a person amount of alcohol.

The use of low-quality alcoholic beverages any alcohol solutions. Including medical. For example hawthorn tincture which is quite popular among alcohol addicts.

Allergies To Alcohol Containing Products

In fact alcohol intoxication is also to some extent considered poisoning. Because as soon as ethanol enters the liver it is oxidized to toxic aldehyde compounds. Aldehydes decompose transform into carboxylic acids. As a result carbon dioxide and water are synthesized as well as the intermediate substance ethanal. It forms alkaloids harmful to the body similar to narcotic substances. Which cause a feeling of euphoria including.

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning

The topic “alcohol poisoning symptoms” is necessary for familiarization. After all knowing these or those signs you will know what kind of help a person needs.

We divide this condition into three types – chronic conditionally weak and severe alcohol poisoning.

Chronic alcohol intoxication occurs in people who regularly drink alcohol. Characterized by:

Weight loss.

Low appetite.

Problems with the kidneys liver digestive organs.

Deterioration of memory intelligence.

The appearance of tremors in the body. This can be seen by the tremors in the hands.

Conditionally weak alcohol poisoning is a consequence of a slight increase in the usual dose of alcohol. Symptoms:

It is difficult to communicate clearly and reason logically.

Problems with coordination balance vision and hearing. In particular it may periodically darken in the eyes.

Nausea including vomiting.

Severe alcohol poisoning is a danger to the life and health of the patient. It can even provoke cardiac arrest respiratory arrest a state of coma. You can recognize it as follows:

A person does not understand where he is what he is doing and cannot adequately answer questions.

Violent persistent vomiting.

Weak irregular breathing (up to 8 breaths per minute).

Body temperature drops below normal.

Pale skin. A blue tint may appear.

Convulsions. Up to epilepsy.

The patient loses consciousness falls asleep suddenly. It is impossible to wake him up. In this state vomiting may continue. If there is no one near the person he will choke and suffocate.

Alcohol poisoning first aid

When an individual is poisoned with ethyl alcohol first aid should be provided before the doctor arrives. If we are talking about severe intoxication then the following actions need to be taken:

Do not let the patient fall asleep. Keeping him awake through conversation constant interaction.

If a person falls asleep do not leave him alone for a minute. Put it on a hard surface turn it on its side free it from constraining clothing make sure that the tongue does not sink in clean the oral cavity from vomiting.

If a person continues to be conscious you can give him a sorbent gives him a little water. To the question “alcohol poisoning vomiting what to do” the answer is as follows: in addition to the previous actions give the person a container for vomit (basin bucket paper bags – everything that comes to hand). If possible take him to the bathroom.

Absolutely forbidden.

Induce vomiting on purpose.

Feed the victim.

Give medicines to alcohol addicts except for sorbents. They can cause unexpected dangerous reactions.

To give the sick coffee a drink.

Putting the addict in a cold shower. Since alcohol already lowers body temperature this will negatively affect his condition.

Leave the alcoholic to sleep without medical intervention.

Let the alcoholic continue to drink.

In case of conditionally weak poisoning you need:

Drink more water plain or mineral. You can even tea with honey.

Get out into fresh air.

Take adsorbents.

Get some sleep.

Chronic requires clinical intervention and subsequent therapy.

Alcohol poisoning treatment

Severe alcohol intoxication should not be treated at home. Do not try to search the Internet for “alcohol poisoning help”. See your doctor right away to cleanse the body of ethanol breakdown products (detoxification) as well as restore it.

It’s the same with chronic intoxication. This is already a consequence of alcohol dependence. That is here we are talking not only about high-quality treatment but also the subsequent rehabilitation in order to no longer allow such a condition.

In this regard you can contact the specialists at the Center for Healthy Youth Ukraine . We have been dealing with this problem for more than fourteen years and have helped thousands of addicts get rid of the disease get a chance for a happy life.

Alcohol poisoning: treatment with folk remedies

These methods are appropriate only for conditional so to speak safe (weak) alcohol intoxication. It could be using:

Freshly squeezed citrus juice in order to flush out toxins.

Decoctions of herbs with a diuretic effect for the same purpose.

A decoction of lemon balm to relieve nausea vomiting.

Be sure to consult your doctor. Self-medication is unacceptable even with minor poisoning. It can worsen the patient’s condition.

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