Should You Take Steroid For Bodybuilding and Fat Loss?

The steroids help in building muscle strength and size and are also being used to get energy to complete workout, and to speed up recovery time from any physical activity that might have worn you out.

Have you ever thought why steroids are considered illegal in many countries? To say it bluntly, steroids can kill you when you are megadosing. Some of the more common ill effects are high blood pressure, depression, gynecomastia, cancer, insomnia, acne, decreased blot clotting ability, cardiovascular disease, sterility, stunted growth, anxiety, aggression, headache, premature hair loss, jaundice, muscle tear, and anaphylactic shock, only when you get a very high dose.

The question now on most medical practitioners’ minds is why even consider steroids for bodybuilding? If the purpose of bodybuilding is to have a great body, so why take something that will destroy the very thing you are working on? The answer to this question is competition.

Bodybuilders can make a lot of money when they get recognition and win awards. The attention and adulation is also a major factor, not to mention the attraction it may have towards the opposite sex. Many men and women who decide to risk their lives by ingesting or injecting steroids do so without care about what will happen after a couple of years. Many of them, just like most young adults, live for the moment which leaves the responsibility to those who are in charge of the gym, sellers of the illegal drugs, and family.

It might surprise many of you to know that we have more than 3 million athletes and bodybuilders in the United States alone who have used steroids illegally. What makes the use of steroids in bodybuilding is that there is not even any form of quality check on the manufacture and formulation of steroids. Thus, how can an individual determine the consistency and potency of steroids?

Another frightening situation is the use of steroids for fat loss. Definitely you will lose weight when taking steroids but just read the ill effects. Just as there are very serious side effects to steroids for bodybuilding, the same applies to fat loss through the use of steroids.

Steroids are chemical compounds that come in the form of tablets, syrups, injectables and even patches. When you take steroids, they spread to all parts of your system, and destroy whatever they pass. You may be losing fat but at the same time, you are also destroying your kidneys, liver, skin, muscles, nervous system, and stomach. Studies show that it is possible the reason you are losing weight after taking steroids is because the water in your system is being drained. This will explain dizziness and dehydration, including acne, headaches and muscle tear. If dehydration continues over a prolonged period, it could severely threaten your life.

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