Restoration Of Systems And Organs That Eliminate Alcohol

Eliminate Alcohol

Long-term alcohol intake significantly harms all organs and systems of the body. And the first stage in the recovery of the body after drinking alcohol is to carry out detoxification at home or in a hospital. Since it is necessary to stop the influence of both pure ethyl alcohol and its metabolites as soon as possible. Only after this is the body’s recovery process possible.

Restoration Of Systems And Organs

Restoring bowel function is a top priority. Since the food that was eaten during the feast combines with alcohol metabolites and significantly slows down the digestion process. And at this time the absorption of alcohol decomposition products continues. To speed up the passage through the intestines and prevent constipation the following drugs are used:

  • The use of enemas microclysters – allows you to quickly help with constipation.
  • For the same purpose laxatives are used both saline and irritating.
  • Sorbents are used to dispose of alcohol metabolites. (enterosgel activated carbon duphalac)
  • To restore the kidneys after alcohol at home renal herbal preparations and diet are used.

The diet implies limiting salt to 5 g per day as well as limiting the amount and nature of protein (fatty meats are excluded).

The biggest hit is the liver. Therefore it is so important to help her in the recovery processes. Since we know that this particular organ has the greatest regenerative capacity.

For a long time the first item in the recommendations of doctors for liver restoration was hepatoprotectors. However recently more and more in the large publications of authoritative editions data is provided on the ineffectiveness of this group of drugs. Liver regeneration requires time and assistance in the recovery process:

Adequate amount of clean water per day not counting tea juices etc.

Proper nutrition which includes vitamins antioxidants that are found naturally (fruits vegetables fish nuts herbs)

Aerobic Exercise To Maximize Metabolism

In this case one must remember about the phenomena of stagnation of bile in the gallbladder which is often observed with prolonged intake of alcohol. Herbal preparations are used to solve this problem and it is important to adhere to the regularity of food intake so as not to aggravate stagnation.

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