1 – Include These in Your Breakfast!

Always remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so opt for a heart-healthy breakfast by inducing bread cereal or nuts with a little olive oil, grated tomato and guacamole. You can also take fiber from whole grains, nonfat yogurt or a latte.

2 – Declare a War on Cravings

Did you know that our circadian rhythm, one that regulates sleep and wakefulness and hunger is very capricious? In fact, at certain times, especially when night falls, your body will ask one kind of food which is richer in carbohydrates, savory and sweet. This need may increase with the arrival of winter according to a study published in the journal Obesity. It is important to make such a choice and anticipate the whims of your body and have a premade bowl of seasonal fruits, toasted bread with hummus or some cereal with strawberries. They are equally secure energy for your body and will not cause the damage to your weight loss efforts and healthy diet.

3 – How to Choose Your Table Companions?

Do the following exercise: When you go to eat with friends or family, do have your plate chosen influenced by what they will eat? It is very likely that your answer is ‘yes’ and that is indicated in numerous studies. According to experts, our choices when opting for a plate are determined by what other diners will choose. Therefore, you must know in advance if it will help you not to be tempted to eat the same amount as the others. Or at least opt ​​for fewer calories and more suited to your actual needs.

4 – Watch the Alcohol

It is no joke, three glasses of wine can ruin a diet as alcohol contains high calories whereas alcohol also interferes with the digestion process making it heavier. For that special dinner, savor a glass or may be two but do not go for the third glass. Avoid coming home feeling you have eaten an elephant and you will sleep better and enjoy better health.

5 – Arise and Exercise

Do you stay all evening sitting? Go and talk to some friends, take a stroll through and enjoy the cool breeze. Thus, you avoid the temptation to eat more than necessary. The next day, plan a day in which exercise is the protagonist and compensate for excess the night before by eating lighter and opting for dishes with fewer calories and less fat.

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