Top 10 Exercise and Fitness Tips

Does mirror bother you? You don’t wanna look at your body? Some hot cocktail dresses attract you but you’ll find yourself unfit for them? You find yourself ugly because of your unshaped body? Then you don’t need to worry about it. If you put some effort and take out little bit time for yourself you’ll definitely get into shape. Healthy nutrients and workout can totally change you from fat to flat. But you don’t know about that how to achieve it? Then gives you top five best exercise and fitness tips which boost your energy, give you healthy nutrients and shaped body.

1 – Embrace Nutrients Diet

Look at mirror? With fatty tummy, double chin, pimply face and dry hairs. Is that really you? These all things are because of your unbalanced diet and unhealthy routine. First of all you need to balance your diet. Remember that never skip meal from your diet. You want strong and healthy skin instead of skinny structure. Go to any good nutrients and make your nutrients diet plan.

2 – Change Your Meal

Ones you have diet chart in your hand, you need to act upon it. It’s hard to embrace raw vegetables and fruits, tasteless meal instead of crispy, spicy meat stuff. But you don’t need to eat tasteless stuff, just find out Paleo diet recipes which not only give you complete nutrients and fewer calories but also has incredible taste.

3 – Get Balance in Your Diet

You have a chart, you search out nutrients recipes? But no idea how to follow it? Then these simple tips give you instructions to maintain your balance diet plan;

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Adopt raw vegetables and fruits as your main course. Try to eat green vegetables and pulp fruits, which are rich in nutrients.
  • Take lean cut of meat, try to taken out white meal like seafood and chicken instead of red-meat. Seafood is most recommended because it has omega-6 and good fat.
  • Avoid junk food and sweets in your meal. Avoid dessert also, instead of dessert you can take one piece of date.

4 – Set Your Future Goals

Now it is time to setting out your goals. First watch out your weight and then set that in this month you have to loss specific weight. For example you have weight of 70 kg then set your goal to loss 1 to 2 kg for a month. Try to make short-term goals it will easy than long-term goals.

5 – Follow Effective Exercise Routine

Now it is time to move on for some push-up. Take a glimpse on your tough schedule and take one hour for your exercise. Remember in your mind, you are in whatever situation, you’ve to do exercise in that specific hour.

6 – Turn Your Environment into Gym

Whenever you start exercising, you have to search out everything about your workout plan. Find out something of your interest. Take out your exercise stuff into your home. It will motivate you to exercise and loss weight.

7 – Make Things Interesting for You

Is it hard to get out from your comfort zone? Then start exercising from your comfort zone. First day start walk for ten minutes and give you challenge that next day you’ll do more. Instead of joining gym, you cam join sports club of your interest. It will be more interesting than boring workout.

8 – Do Stretching

Stretching before workout gives you more space and prepared yourself fir healthy workout. It’s also good for flexible body and engage your concentration into your exercise.

9 – Give Some Space

It’s very difficult to start hard workout and avoid all your junk food at once. So give yourself little bit space. If you tired to doing exercise daily, you can take rest from it by reducing few minutes. You can also taste little portion of chocolate or ice cream once in a week.

10 – Motivation

You’re perfect, you’re doing hard to get into shape and you’re sacrificing your favourite things. These all are such a hard tasks you’re doing during your work days. So you deserve motivation, go in front of mirror, look at your self and heads off yourself for doing such a good things for your beautiful future.

I hope you have got your answer to ‘what is the best way to lose belly fat?’. Now it is up to you to get slim figure with no fat on belly.

The Foods That Cause Cellulite

You most likely realize that the method for eating to a great extent affects the functions of the body, which suggests and characterizes the physical form of each organism. Therefore, it’s essential to understand which food to stay away from or what to eat. In this article I am sharing a food’s list that develop cellulite. The food you have to eliminate from your diet include cakes,  creams, cookies, frozen yogurt, white bread, pasta, rice, cola drinks, burgers, fried food. These foods contains carcinogenic elements, saturated fat, toxins and calories and therefore these foods are good friends of cellulite. Here is the list of major foods that prompts cellulite, and you have to cut them from your diet if you want to stay out of the cellulite.

Avoid Salt and Fat

When you purchase meat, dependably pick the one that has lower fat. And it is better to eat the white meat. Try to add fish in the eating regimen. Avoid greasy, canned and fried food that contain great amount of salt. . If you say, your body develops cellulite, it implies that you have expanded volume of fat stores that developed in particular areas of the body like arms, hips, stomach and thigh area. Those prevent the natural flow of lymph and blood, by which the toxins flush out of the tissues. The foods that are forbidden include soy sauce, salty snacks, chips, red meats, hot dogs, margarine, cream, high-fat cheese and hot dog.


The foods that have high sugar content can trigger insulin formation that fortifies the development of fat tissue. The food that has high sugar, cause the sugars to combine with the proteins &this lessens the impact of the protein. Thus created inflammation, so great chances of cellulite in future. The sugary foods that cause cellulite are cakes, bread rolls, chocolates, sweet snacks and biscuits.

Fast Food

The fast food is the closest friend of cellulite because it contains calories, saturated fats and added sugars. The frequent eating of fast food causes disorder in your body and the fat start storing under your skin.


Liquor is additionally on the rundown of prohibited things, because of the high substance of toxins and calories. Alcohol also harms the skin cells and muscles. Alcohol lessens the positive outcome of calcium, zinc and vitamin C in your body that is decrease the impact of fats into unsaturated fats.

Processed food

Avoid eating processed food like canned food, pasta sauces, hot dogs, frozen yogurt, ice creams, sausages, snacks, artificial juices and bread rolls. Be careful for the flour and the bread.

What to Eat?

If you want to stay away from cellulite or want to improve the cellulite then add oily fish, lemons, red wine, chicken breast, garlic, green tea, oranges, broccoli, asparagus, aged cheese, avocado, berries, water melon, cherries, chamomile tea, cucumber and raw nuts. Please, click here to find an effective solution or getting rid of cellulite and belly fat.

How to Reduce Belly Fat in a Few Weeks?

There is no specific diet that can help you reduce belly fat only. However, any healthy eating plan that you take for weight loss will help you lose belly fat.

Fiber not that thins you but has many other benefits too. For example, it helps you feel more satisfied with eating it less and also feel hungry after much longer later. In addition, studies suggest that people who eat at least 10 grams of fiber a day accumulate less fat in the abdomen.

You just have to eat at least two pieces of fruit a day, for example, an apple and an orange. In one of the main dishes, preferably food should consist of half cup of cooked vegetables to taste.

Sleep and Reduce Stress to Fight against Abdominal Fat

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Sleep is guaranteed not to increase abdominal fat. According to a study by the University of Chicago, when you sleep well, about eight hours, it decrease weight. In addition, there is no increase in the levels of ghrelin, a hormone which stimulates appetite and deceases energy expense. However, if you properly asleep, more amount of fat is burned.

Stress also leads to burning more amount of fat. A study conducted by Ohio State University found that chronic stress and depression increase the risk of obesity and abdominal fat. The first, in fact, decreases fat metabolism. Depression, in turn, increases the levels of cortisol and makes higher amount of fat to accumulate especially in the abdominal area.

Changing Habits Also Helps Reduce Tummy!

At home

There are plenty of ways to exercise your body and keep fit in the home such as;

  • Climb the stairs instead of elevator.
  • Use the broom and mop instead of vacuum.
  • After lunch or dinner, stroll for ten to thirty minutes.
  • Use for twenty minutes a stationary bike while reading mails or your favorite book.

At Work

Although most jobs today are sedentary, you can always make small changes to increase your activity;

  • If you have to talk about an affair with a colleague, it is better to go in person and solve it personally
  • Try to return to work after eating strolling.
  • About every hour, get up and take a short walk around the office. When you get back to your place, do some stretching.

In Your Free Time

Leisure time are your best allies to get fit. Notes the few following tips;

  • When planning the weekend, organize excursion or long walk outdoors.
  • Arrange with your friends your favorite outdoor sport activity.
  • Dancing is also a great exercise for your body.
  • Enjoy the morning sun for a walk and see new places in your city.

These tips work really well. If you want more detailed plan for belly fat loss, click here.

Therapeutic Power of Vitamins

When administered in high doses, vitamins can be used to treat various diseases, including many diseases that conventional medicine fails to cure such as the case of schizophrenia or arthritis.

In the 50s began the first research showing the therapeutic effects of vitamins. In 1955, the Canadian doctor Abram Hoffer published a study showing that niacin (vitamin B3) reduced levels of cholesterol without causing any side effects.

Then there were many researches replicated this study with the same results. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies have achieved much more power when it comes to market and sell their pharmaceutical products to lower cholesterol, so many doctors do not even know these investigations.

However, in 1986 a major study was conducted comparing niacin with drugs commonly used to lower cholesterol and niacin was more effective than either of them. From that moment, he began to spread the use of niacin, so now niacin is recognized as one of the most effective treatments to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol).

In fact, vitamin B3, due to the huge number of functions performed, is one of the most commonly used vitamins to treat diseases such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, tension headache, detoxification, cholesterol, alcoholism, cancer and  schizophrenia.

Orthomolecular Medicine

Gradually, the interest increased in learning about the use of vitamins and minerals to treat various diseases, leading to orthomolecular medicine, a term coined by biochemist namely Linus Pailing, that is, one that uses dose of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals or amino acids much higher than recommended to treat psychological and physical disease.

While all people need vitamins to live, the needs vary by age, sex, health status and stress level of a person. So the normal dose that most healthy people need is very different from the dose much higher, requiring a person with a certain disease or subjected to high levels of stress.

Since vitamins, especially the water-soluble, such as vitamin B or C can be taken in high doses without producing toxic effects and can be used safely and are available without prescription at any herbalist, which is a mode to everyone to maintain health and treat their own illnesses. For example, taking several pills of 500 mg of vitamin C in a day can cause flu is more like a mild cold for two or three days. With the fat-soluble vitamins such as A and E should be more careful and it is preferable not to use them in high doses without medical supervision.

Orthomolecular medicine allows people to be their own doctors, maintaining a young age thinking brain, keep free of disease over time by regular use of vitamin and mineral supplements, and treat their own illnesses.

When using supplements!

Supplements can be used in case of illness, during particularly stressful periods after surgery in admissions in hospitals (where food is not usually good and the stress level may be high), in cases of imbalance or emotional upset, or as prevention for certain times.

Some people take supplements regularly every day throughout their lives. Among the physicians practicing orthomolecular medicine, it is usual to do this and the fact is that each emphasizes its longevity, good health, vitality and desire to work at ages when most are retired and are not wanting to work at all.

Why do orthomolecular medicine work?

Actually, it makes perfect sense that vitamins and minerals serve to treat diseases, since the body has a great capacity to heal itself, prevent disease and stay healthy, even in old age, but to do so you need to have basic working tools i.e. sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. Unfortunately, they are not always obtained with dietary required amounts either due to poor diet or by increasing requirements for certain vitamins or by low nutritional value of many foods today. This makes the body less able to heal and fight infections and we become more prone to the emergence of all kinds of diseases.

In short, it still seems that there is much to learn about vitamins and their use, which can only be achieved if the investigation continues and you consider that each vitamin is different and may require a different way of using it is necessary to discover its effects. Please, visit Mens Weekly to enrich your knowledge in this regard.

Properties and Food Sources of Vitamin E

Vitamin E has its main function of being an antioxidant which removes free radicals, the molecules containing a free electron and are able to damage the cells and genetic material, contributing to the production of various diseases such as atherosclerosis and cancer among other chronic diseases.

Additionally, this vitamin is involved in immune system’s functioning, regulation of gene expression and other metabolic processes.

Cells with high vitamin E content of the interior walls of blood vessels are better able to resist the adhesion of substances to their walls. In addition, this vitamin has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Major Sources of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is found in many foods, mainly seeds, nuts and vegetable oils.

Wheat Germ Oil

The main source of vitamin E is wheat germ oil. One tablespoon contains 20.3 mg, which would cover the daily needs of this vitamin.

They are followed, in order of most to least vitamin E content, the following foods;

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Almonds
  • Sunflower oil
  • Peanuts
  • Corn oil
  • Olive oil
  • Spinach
  • Soybean oil
  • Mango
  • Tomato

It is recommended to make a healthy diet of foods that include the following;

  • A variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes
  • Milk or semi-skimmed and skimmed milk products
  • Lean meats, poultry, fish and eggs

This type of diet meets the daily requirement of vitamin E.

The Recommended Dosage of Vitamin E

The RDA for vitamin E from foods dose is about 15 milligrams daily. This is equivalent to 22 IU (international units) of natural vitamin E or 33 IU of synthetic vitamin E.

If you do a varied diet rich in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils, you will get the necessary amount of vitamin E.

If you are getting adequate amount of vitamin from your diet adequate, vitamin supplements will not necessarily be required. But you must stay moderate, in some cases, high doses of the vitamin E can be harmful, the important thing is to get the proper daily dose.

Vitamin E and Health

It is thought that lack of vitamin E could be involved in the onset of certain diseases such as cancer, heart disease, eye disorders and cognitive impairment.


Vitamin E protects cells from the damaging effects of free radicals that can contribute to cancer development. It could also block the formation of certain carcinogenic substances occurring in the stomach from nitrite foods. It also protects cancer by stimulating the immune system.

Ocular Disorder

It is thought that the free radicals are involved in the onset of cataracts and macular degeneration, so vitamin E may protect against these diseases. In fact, people taking low amounts of vitamin E (less than 15 IU per day) are more likely to develop these diseases than those taking higher doses (more than 30 IU per day).

Moderation in intake of vitamin E is always recommended. Visit Mens Weekly for more information.

Top 5 Diet Foods to Burn Fat Faster and Get Ideal Body Shape

1 – Chili to Speeds up Metabolism Process

Chili, cayenne and other spicy foods contain capsaicin, a stimulating substance that generates heat and decreases body fat so it helps you lose weight.

A research study about proteomics noted that this substance can prevent fat accumulation by stimulating proteins that degrades and prevents others involved in lipid synthesis to reduce their action. Therefore, do not forget to include these ingredients as the primary basis of your dishes or as a sauce, for example, guajillo chili, green chili, poblano chili and jalapenos.

2 – Spices Surges Thermogenesis Effect

Adding spices to your dishes is a very smart choice to subtract calories and increase thermogenesis, the process by which the body produces the effect to metabolize food.

This is again due to capsaicin, which has also been shown to have beneficial properties, for example, it may protect against cancer. You can choose spices like curry, mustard, garlic, cloves, pepper and ginger. These spices will give a more exotic touch to your dishes and will also activate your metabolism.

3 – Green Tea is Diuretic and Very Healthy

Green tea can help you absorb body fat as it contains alkaloids with stimulating action on the nervous system. Furthermore, it contains vitamin B and minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron core, phosphates and fluoride. Theophylline stimulates the heart muscle and is diuretic. The custom of drinking tea at five accompanied by pasta helps to foster an evacuated full stomach and prevents overeating at dinner time.

4 – Grapefruit for Purification and Slimming

Grapefruit is one of the best fat burning foods. It is ideal to detoxify, especially if it is taken fasting or between meals. It is diuretic and laxative and also has toning and appetite stimulant properties making it suitable for people with difficulty in losing weight. In addition, it is rich in fiber, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and contains only 39 calories per 100 grams.

5 – Egg is Satisfying & Helps in Weight Loss.

The egg is a complete and highly nutritious food. It contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, magnesium and iodine and brings a large number of vitamin B. It has only 85 calories and provides no need to add fat for cooking because it can be poached or boiled, which are more digestive options.

Moreover, it is a very satisfying and highly protein food, containing essential amino acid composition which is very close to what is considered ideal for body heat needed to digest so you can use it to help a diet to burn fat.

For a detailed diet program, I suggest you to read this 3 Week Diet review.

Learn How to Develop Emotional Health!

I – Stay Connected With Others

Stay in touch with friends, family and people you care about. Do not let overwork or family responsibilities keep you away from those people who are important to you. These people can bring you different views of anything, help you stay active, be a source for enjoyable activities and share experiences, help to solve certain problems or furnishes comfort in difficult times.

II – Set Goals

Have goals and objectives for which you can fight as they help to give meaning to your life, you have a direction, keep your mind busy and feel good to be making progress in life. Setting and pursuing goals is one of the keys to success in life.

III – Talk about Your Feelings

Sharing your feelings and emotions with others not only helps you feel better, but also increases the feeling of intimacy and connection with the other person, because you are letting you know better. It also helps you express your feelings, often a source of stress due to the effort required for concealment. Remember that conversation lets others know you well.

IV – Ask for Help If You Need It!

If your problems are overwhelming you, your life has become too complicated, you have trouble controlling your emotions or feel at a crossroads and do not know how to get ahead, get help. Resort to friends or family, or join a support group, call your hope or seek help from a psychologist or other professional who can help or advise depending on the type of problem in question.

V – Aim to Grow and Improve as a Person!

One of the goals in your life can be your own personal development. Think about those aspects of yourself that you think you should change or improve. They may be small things, timely or more important and profound changes in your personality.

You are supposed to go slowly, always starting from self-acceptance, accepting yourself as you are now. Note that accepting you as you does not mean you are not going to change, but only that you will not punish or despise you for being you but you are going to want to be like you, with defects that you have at all times. At the same time, you can find ways to overcome these shortcomings. A good resource to learn further in this regard is Mens Weekly, an online information source.

Tips for Burning Calories and Improving Health with Exercise & 3 Week Diet Program

The calculation of calories burned is measured as a function of exercise intensity. With a calorie burning calculator, you can know how many calories you can burn according to your activity including housework.


In swimming, you move every muscle in the body which improves agility without straining the joints and no matter what age or fitness to practice. Butterfly is the most heart-rate rising style and accelerates fat burning. In any case, swimming for an hour at a good pace can get you to burn up to 500 kcal.


With this sport, you can get slim in a few weeks as it shape and strengthen your legs, thighs and buttocks. You can burn 400 to 800 calories depending on your skates.


It burns calories up to 500 and strengthens your legs. You can start in rather smooth surfaces and you will be able to do it better after a few miles at a moderate pace.

Cross Country Skiing

It is a true calorie burning activity up to 1,000 at a times. With it, all muscle groups are worked intensively and while burning calories, can enjoy the nature around you.


It is a very healthy and also inexpensive exercise. If you travel about 8 km per hour, you can get to burn about 500 calories.

Improve Your Diet

The diet is responsible for the prevention of various diseases and strengthening our immune system and mood. Therefore, you have to eat right and stay in the normal weight. It is achieved by providing body with all the necessary nutrients, energy (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and non-energy (vitamins, minerals and water) in an appropriate ratio.

Control Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

It is vital to control blood pressure as well as cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular problems. But in the lives of women, there are two times when you have to pay special attention i.e. pregnancy and menopause. In the first case because it can affect both the mother and fetus, and menopause, because a high percentage of women develop an increase in blood pressure during this stage of life.

Recent studies indicate that women who reduce salt intake and alcohol, conducted regular, moderate exercise and try to stay away from situations that can cause them stress maintain optimal levels of blood pressure. Moreover, the benefits are even greater if they increase consumption of fruits and vegetables in the diet and reduce saturated fat and red meat.

As in blood pressure, diet plays a vital role in maintaining appropriate levels of blood cholesterol. All foods contain cholesterol but the difference is that some contain good cholesterol (HDL) and other bad (LDL). Fruits and vegetables contain unsaturated fats and, therefore, good cholesterol. In contrast, animal products contain saturated fats and excessive consumption tends to raise bad cholesterol levels. This does not mean they have to be eliminated from the diet, but should be consumed in moderation.

Following these guidelines eating and exercise can help you improve your blood circulation and achieve optimum levels that help you enjoy good health. You are suggested to try 3 Week Diet for a complete diet solution.

Put These 5 Tips to Help You Stay Slim

1 – Include These in Your Breakfast!

Always remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so opt for a heart-healthy breakfast by inducing bread cereal or nuts with a little olive oil, grated tomato and guacamole. You can also take fiber from whole grains, nonfat yogurt or a latte.

2 – Declare a War on Cravings

Did you know that our circadian rhythm, one that regulates sleep and wakefulness and hunger is very capricious? In fact, at certain times, especially when night falls, your body will ask one kind of food which is richer in carbohydrates, savory and sweet. This need may increase with the arrival of winter according to a study published in the journal Obesity. It is important to make such a choice and anticipate the whims of your body and have a premade bowl of seasonal fruits, toasted bread with hummus or some cereal with strawberries. They are equally secure energy for your body and will not cause the damage to your weight loss efforts and healthy diet.

3 – How to Choose Your Table Companions?

Do the following exercise: When you go to eat with friends or family, do have your plate chosen influenced by what they will eat? It is very likely that your answer is ‘yes’ and that is indicated in numerous studies. According to experts, our choices when opting for a plate are determined by what other diners will choose. Therefore, you must know in advance if it will help you not to be tempted to eat the same amount as the others. Or at least opt ​​for fewer calories and more suited to your actual needs.

4 – Watch the Alcohol

It is no joke, three glasses of wine can ruin a diet as alcohol contains high calories whereas alcohol also interferes with the digestion process making it heavier. For that special dinner, savor a glass or may be two but do not go for the third glass. Avoid coming home feeling you have eaten an elephant and you will sleep better and enjoy better health.

5 – Arise and Exercise

Do you stay all evening sitting? Go and talk to some friends, take a stroll through and enjoy the cool breeze. Thus, you avoid the temptation to eat more than necessary. The next day, plan a day in which exercise is the protagonist and compensate for excess the night before by eating lighter and opting for dishes with fewer calories and less fat.

To have a proper control over your diet with perfectly planned meals, you must give a try to 3 Week Diet, a comprehended diet program by Brian Flatt.

How to Slow Down Aging & Stay Young Longer?

Now that scientists have explored clear causes why aging occurs, they are beginning to discover what can be done to age more slowly and stay younger for longer. Let’s see the main causes of aging first.

Shortening of Telomeres

At the ends of the chromosomes in our cells, there are structures called telomeres whose role is to provide structural stability and protect chromosomes from degradation. However, each time a cell divides, loses a piece of telomere, so that they become shorter with the passage of time. When the telomere is too short, the cell dies, contributing to the aging process.

There is an enzyme called telomerase which is responsible for repairing shortened telomeres. However, the amount of telomerase available may be decreased by effects of certain factors such as stress, accelerating the aging process.

Oxidative Stress

It is the damage to DNA, proteins and lipids caused by free radicals and peroxides, highly reactive oxygen-containing substances. Oxidative stress occurs when we breathe and because of inflammation, infections, alcohol and smoking.


It occurs when glucose (sugar) is attached with some of our proteins, lipids or DNA, causing permanent alterations that prevent them from functioning normally. These reactions have an influence not only in aging but the emergence of diseases such as diabetes, cataracts, impaired skin, tendons and bones, atherosclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease.

What can we do?

In general, the main factors that cause us to age are age and genes, which are not under our control. However, there are other factors that have a major impact and we can control them.

Manage Stress

Stress causes increased levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, which decreases the supply of telomerase. When a person is exposed to chronic stress, their telomeres are similar to those of a much older person. Therefore, learning techniques to manage stress properly can help you stay young longer.

People with psychological disorders such as depression or certain diseases such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease often have shorter telomeres.

Practice Mindfulness

It has a protective effect and has shown to have many beneficial effects for both emotional and physical health.

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