Mirrors – The Essential Items In The Décor Of Your Home

The human beings have lived fascinated with mirrors’ reflection and practically all the ancient civilizations had an instrument to see themselves. For the most part, the mirrors were at first burnished metal pieces to a smooth and shiny surface. The material used to be bronze, silver or copper although obviously the metal became dirty and lost its reflective capacity and had to be rubbed again and again. Until being well advanced in the medieval times, it was typical. Later, around the sixteenth century, there was the first glass mirrors, made with the quicksilver method, which essentially consisted of applying a metallic layer, reduced metal which at first was mercury and later lead, tin or silver, on a glass that managed, with that double face, to return the reflection.

At first, the mirrors were very expensive pieces. As a result, the mirror was incorporated into the halls, as furniture from the sixteenth century. It began to show elaborate frames and, although they were of small sizes at the beginning, soon the Venetian brothers managed to increase their dimensions turning them into movable pieces that extended to other stays.

Mirrors in the Living Room

The living room supports mirrors of many designs and sizes. You just have to know how and where to place them. You will even find furniture lined with them like dressers. There are many types to choose from in decoration.


Of great beauty, its main feature is that the frame is also mirrored. They are elegant, timeless and have evolved into original and eye-catching designs.

Sun Mirror

As its name indicates, they imitate a sun with very varied designs. They remain fashionable and are quoted in antiquaries. The most current designs play with shapes and materials but without losing their original shape.

Mirrors in the Bedroom

In a bedroom, a mirror is an indispensable element. In and out of them, the mirror is an indispensable piece in any bedroom or dressing room. Before they were placed in the interior doors of the cabinets or, in one of the central bodies of the same.

A Mirror Behind The Door

Hanging or leaning against the wall, there are large mirrors that are usually placed behind the entrance doors or, more modern, the large wall mirrors are supported on the floor against a wall.

Mirrors in Bathroom

Usually we find them on the wall, over the sink, but in small bathrooms, it is also common to find a piece of furniture with a mirror to take advantage of space and save cosmetics or medicines.

Mirror in the Hall

The mirror has become a key element in virtually all receivers as they are practical for last-minute touch-ups and to visually expand spaces that are typically of few meters. The style, size and design will depend on the overall decor.

They are, in short, essential elements in the decoration of your house, and they are in fashion.

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