Learn What Prana is and Its Importance in Yoga!

Prana Importance In Yoga

According to the science of yoga, prana is vital energy. It is an active principle that manifest all forms of the material world, which animates living things, which allows movement, makes the possible actions and determines the vital processes. Prana is the sum of the different forces of nature. It is in the light, in the heat, in magnetism and in electricity. It is the flow of energy that is in the air, the sun’s energy, in food and in water. It is the subtle force that makes the universe evolve, containing cosmic intelligence to generate transformation and bring it to its ultimate end.

Knowledge about prana is fundamental to the system of yoga and other Eastern traditions. Some have learned to channel this universal energy to balance and heal. In Chinese tradition, for example, the equivalent of prana is the Chi, the main active ingredient for medicine and martial arts. In the yogic tradition, it is a word that defines the Absolute, breathing, life and energy.

Through the practice of yoga asanas and pranayama, we take more prana and allow to flow better, cleaning its channels. Prana gives greater vitality and strength to our body and it helps to calm the mind and it is essential to raise awareness. To understand the energetic and spiritual effects of the management of prana, it is necessary to know the energy’s anatomy as this is ancient science. Yoga explains that besides our material body, we have some subtle bodies, the astral body (composed of three layers or koshas) and the causal body, which is our most purely spiritual being.

Prana connects the physical body with our energy bodies. This cosmic force flows in our energy system through a series of imperceptible to the common eye channels, called nadis. The nadis are part of astral body, which consists of three layers, the etheric body, astral body and mental body. All this constitutes our energy system, as the chakras, centers of life force.

There are five forms of prana, which are responsible for different functions mentioned below;

  1. Prana (breath)
  2. Apana (excretion)
  3. Samana (swallowing)
  4. Upana (circulation)
  5. Vyana (digestion)

Prana is the total energy of the universe. Through the management of prana, yogis control the physical body, mind, and reach the realization because it is the foundation of cosmic life. It is said that control of prana waves in the mind takes control of the universal prana. If there is no prana, there is no thought and reach to higher states of consciousness.

The management of these subtle forces of being leads us to transcend ordinary experience and leads to a higher plane of consciousness. It allows us to realize the universal spirit, that is, the reach to the state of yoga that is our essence and enlightenment.

A teacher training course for new yogis involves a challenge, but it is for the same reason it is so significant; it gives us the tools and gives us a lens through which to look at our own lives and the world to rid ourselves of many belief of the system which are based on fear and duality. You will learn that yoga is all an integral system for psychological, scientific, medical, philosophical and metaphysical aspects. It makes us aware of what we really are and what we have forgotten, entering our minds to observe it and purify it. It reminds us the highest purpose of human life to fulfill it with a core objective in life and live as ethical, free and full life possible.

During the training course, you must expect great challenges. These courses for yoga teachers demonstrate everything we are capable of doing to persist and understand. Yoga is immense knowledge that is within every person and it is wonderful how this knowledge unfolds in every person who try to explore it and how we begin to see the world in a different way and have a higher level of positive vibes in ourselves. The challenges are physical, mental and spiritual. You are practically living with a group for long periods, you are practicing in a tirelessly manner, you are following a strict schedule and the set of rules and you are facing a lot of new information to absorb completely. Every part of our being is led to a turning point that breaks the limits of patience, confidence and will. Thus, at the end of this experience, you are empowered with full of wisdom and harmony.

Among all the challenges and strict rules, on the one hand, it may happen that your mind starts to rebel against discipline because its nature is precisely to be capricious. The immediate reaction of the mind is to alert our inner self when we try to control it because it has led us and handled us for all our life. Possibly you may raise question against the principles, philosophy, practices which is quite normal in the process for spiritual aspirants, because it is not they have blind faith, but they want to listen with an open mind and live what they are studying. It is normal to confront with some beliefs you have. Most importantly, you are willing to reflect and why not change your way of thinking often rooted in your ego and replace it with a vision based on other philosophical and ethical principles taught by yoga instructors.

You must tech yourself first how to prepare for yoga teacher training course beforehand to avoid confusions and confrontations during the learning process.