Learn the Good Effects of Anabolic Steroids!

The good effects of anabolic steroids are not the subject of controversy but it is the hazard of taking them without medical approval. Anabolic steroids are proven by users to bring hyper-action in sports, workouts or any events that require endurance to prolonged activity. The champions in sports and well-known bodybuilders do not deny that they are in constant use of these drugs. They also admit that it is impossible for them to excel in major competitions if they do not take anabolic steroids. True enough, because no user so far has testified that the use of anabolic steroids did not contribute anything to their body.

With continuous dosage, they can see strong, grown up muscles and prolonged virility in whatever form of physical activity they indulge in. The question is, Anabolic Steroids have been found to cause a lot of side effects to the user and could even endanger life. Some of these are transparent while others are internal. They remain undetected for a number of years until they become chronic and can no longer be treated. Some of the bad effects to men are infertility, impotence, testicles shrinkage and painful urinating.

On the part of the women, they experience facial and body hair growth, change in voice pitch, breast masculinity and abnormal menstrual cycle periods. The effects on both men and women are bloated muscles, high blood and cholesterol levels, acne, increase in weight, heart disease and weak tendons. Aside from serious physical effect, Anabolic Steroids also cause psychological disorders and addiction. Difficulty in complete withdrawal from the use of these boosters is felt by users.

It brings tremendous pain when they attempt to withdraw and that they feel complete relief and comfort when the dose is resumed. Anabolic steroids can be taken orally or as injectable. Therefore, when they are injected, there is the risk of transmitting the disease of one to another with the use of the same needle. In worst situation, the disease transmitted can be HIV. In the natural cycle, healthy males can have not more than 10 milligrams of testosterone per day and lesser for women.

But in the process, there are those who take anabolic steroids in higher quantity to augment the natural flow of testosterone to gain the benefits faster and that’s the danger part.