I – Stay Connected With Others

Stay in touch with friends, family and people you care about. Do not let overwork or family responsibilities keep you away from those people who are important to you. These people can bring you different views of anything, help you stay active, be a source for enjoyable activities and share experiences, help to solve certain problems or furnishes comfort in difficult times.

II – Set Goals

Have goals and objectives for which you can fight as they help to give meaning to your life, you have a direction, keep your mind busy and feel good to be making progress in life. Setting and pursuing goals is one of the keys to success in life.

III – Talk about Your Feelings

Sharing your feelings and emotions with others not only helps you feel better, but also increases the feeling of intimacy and connection with the other person, because you are letting you know better. It also helps you express your feelings, often a source of stress due to the effort required for concealment. Remember that conversation lets others know you well.

IV – Ask for Help If You Need It!

If your problems are overwhelming you, your life has become too complicated, you have trouble controlling your emotions or feel at a crossroads and do not know how to get ahead, get help. Resort to friends or family, or join a support group, call your hope or seek help from a psychologist or other professional who can help or advise depending on the type of problem in question.

V – Aim to Grow and Improve as a Person!

One of the goals in your life can be your own personal development. Think about those aspects of yourself that you think you should change or improve. They may be small things, timely or more important and profound changes in your personality.

You are supposed to go slowly, always starting from self-acceptance, accepting yourself as you are now. Note that accepting you as you does not mean you are not going to change, but only that you will not punish or despise you for being you but you are going to want to be like you, with defects that you have at all times. At the same time, you can find ways to overcome these shortcomings. A good resource to learn further in this regard is Mens Weekly, an online information source.

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