There is no specific diet that can help you reduce belly fat only. However, any healthy eating plan that you take for weight loss will help you lose belly fat.

Fiber not that thins you but has many other benefits too. For example, it helps you feel more satisfied with eating it less and also feel hungry after much longer later. In addition, studies suggest that people who eat at least 10 grams of fiber a day accumulate less fat in the abdomen.

You just have to eat at least two pieces of fruit a day, for example, an apple and an orange. In one of the main dishes, preferably food should consist of half cup of cooked vegetables to taste.

Sleep and Reduce Stress to Fight against Abdominal Fat

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Sleep is guaranteed not to increase abdominal fat. According to a study by the University of Chicago, when you sleep well, about eight hours, it decrease weight. In addition, there is no increase in the levels of ghrelin, a hormone which stimulates appetite and deceases energy expense. However, if you properly asleep, more amount of fat is burned.

Stress also leads to burning more amount of fat. A study conducted by Ohio State University found that chronic stress and depression increase the risk of obesity and abdominal fat. The first, in fact, decreases fat metabolism. Depression, in turn, increases the levels of cortisol and makes higher amount of fat to accumulate especially in the abdominal area.

Changing Habits Also Helps Reduce Tummy!

At home

There are plenty of ways to exercise your body and keep fit in the home such as;

  • Climb the stairs instead of elevator.
  • Use the broom and mop instead of vacuum.
  • After lunch or dinner, stroll for ten to thirty minutes.
  • Use for twenty minutes a stationary bike while reading mails or your favorite book.

At Work

Although most jobs today are sedentary, you can always make small changes to increase your activity;

  • If you have to talk about an affair with a colleague, it is better to go in person and solve it personally
  • Try to return to work after eating strolling.
  • About every hour, get up and take a short walk around the office. When you get back to your place, do some stretching.

In Your Free Time

Leisure time are your best allies to get fit. Notes the few following tips;

  • When planning the weekend, organize excursion or long walk outdoors.
  • Arrange with your friends your favorite outdoor sport activity.
  • Dancing is also a great exercise for your body.
  • Enjoy the morning sun for a walk and see new places in your city.

These tips work really well. If you want more detailed plan for belly fat loss, click here.

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