How To Minimize The Damage From Alcohol Consumption

Damage From Alcohol Consumption

In this article, you will learn how to minimize the damage from alcohol consumption and carry out an emergency cleansing of the body.

How long does it take for the body to return to normal?

Perhaps this is the most popular question in the topic regarding the recovery period after taking alcoholic beverages. Physical improvement occurs at least six hours after drinking alcohol, in this case, the state of health stabilizes, dizziness, nausea disappears, and efficiency increases.

However, it is almost impossible to tell the exact time – each organism is individual and reacts in its own way to alcohol. Someone already after 7 hours is cheerful and fresh, and someone and the next day feels overwhelmed and tired.

On average, men need 9 hours to fully recover from a drunken feast, but for women, everything is much more difficult – they need about 11 hours, sometimes more.

During this period of time, the toxins present in the body are eliminated, it begins to function normally. If it is necessary to speed up the detoxification process, then it is worth taking special medications that improve the process of cleansing the body.

Reducing hangover symptoms

It will not be possible to get rid of a hangover in a matter of minutes, since the intoxication process is long and can last almost a day. But it is quite possible to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover. Everything is simple here: consume as many drinks with honey and lemon as possible, various dairy products. It relieves hangover syndrome with a contrast shower, coffee with milk or green tea.

Dead neurons will certainly not recover, but thanks to the contrast shower (be careful – it is contraindicated in case of heart problems) or a salt bath, the brain’s performance will increase significantly. Neck and head massage can also be a great way to beat a hangover.

Liver help

Since the liver is directly involved in all the recovery processes of the body and suffers in the first place, it must be taken care of from the very beginning of detoxification. Here hepatoprotectors, drugs that protect the liver from the effects of toxins, work best. These drugs have long course receptions – as a rule, at least two to three times a year, you should not count on a single dose of drugs and instant improvement.

To restore strength without resorting to stimulants, a course against chronic fatigue will help. Available in two versions – powder and encapsulated. The advantage of the powder form of release is the possibility of setting an individual dosage regimen.

In addition to taking drugs, you should follow a diet: do not eat fatty, spicy, fried, salty, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in fiber.

Helping the kidneys

In addition to the liver, after taking alcohol, no less attention should be paid to the kidneys – alcohol also affects them extremely unfavorably. The filtration and excretory functions of the kidneys are affected in the first place.

Doctors recommend following a therapeutic diet that will help improve kidney function. All legumes, marinades, sweet, fatty, smoked, spicy foods are excluded from the diet.

The amount of protein foods during such a diet should be minimized as much as possible.

As an emergency aid to the kidneys, it is worth taking absorbents: “Polysorb”, “Carbrolong” or the drug “Zorex”. If nausea appears, then the drug “Anastezin” will relieve it.

Helping the gastrointestinal tract

Since the body’s recovery from intoxication is slow, then digestion is normalized not earlier than in a day. Soups, broths, fermented milk products, vegetables and fruits improve the functioning of the digestive tract. A prerequisite is the intake of a large amount of water – at least two liters of liquid.When pain and spasms appear, you need to take “Smecta” or “No-shpa”, the drug “Motilium” will help to restore and improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Recovery and improvement of memory

Is it possible to recover memory? It often happens that many, after taking alcohol, cannot remember the events of the whole evening, or, on the contrary, only fragmentary memories appear. Friends will help you with a complete picture of events, but it will hardly be possible to remember everything on your own.

For glimpses of memories to appear, you need to stimulate the brain – with a contrast shower, strong tea or a walk in the fresh air.

It will only be possible to finally restore the gaps in memory if the dependence on alcohol is minimal. There is a direct connection here: the absence of alcohol improves brain function, and with it memory.

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