How To Maintain Mental Health

Mental Health

Psychologists say that mental health is not only the absence of pronounced mental disorders in a person but also a state of harmony between a person the world around him and society the presence of mental reserves to overcome stress and difficulties.

And they have become an integral part of modern life. Today every person leading an active lifestyle experiences stress every day. This is facilitated by the changing conditions of life the need to make frequent decisions and be responsible for their outcome risk lack of confidence in the future. We add to these factors family troubles (jealousy divorce anxiety over the failures of loved ones the death of a loved one conflicts between children and parents everyday problems) and we get a full set of reasons that lead to the emergence of neuroses.

If you do not get rid of them stress can turn into a chronic form – depression and provoke the onset of psychosomatic diseases (diseases of the heart digestive and other organs etc.). These undesirable consequences for health as a rule are due to the inability or unwillingness to behavior because the person is not aware or denies the presence of an internal mental conflict.

To prevent such mental disorders it is necessary to develop in oneself the ability to “live among people” that is to treat favorably all members of your family employees not to attach too much importance to other people’s mistakes to be able to properly release from excessive mental stress to control emotions (to keep yourself in the hands) switch attention to calmer and more pleasant objects.

Preservation of mental health or dual diagnosis is largely dependent on neuropsychic stress and stress. A representative of each type of nervous system and temperament tolerates them differently. Strong choleric people phlegmatic people and sanguine people are more resistant to stress and weak melancholic people respectively are less resistant.

But in any case psycho-emotional stress if it exceeds the level of a person’s mental endurance leads to the emergence of neurotic states. Therefore prevention should be aimed at developing stress resistance strengthening mental reserves and maintaining balance. How to do it and by what methods – everyone determines for himself.

The main thing is to choose an occupation as they say “to your liking” and preferably of a creative nature.

It is believed that creative people are better at concentrating their energies to overcome obstacles and resolve internal and external conflicts. Creativity is one of the means of overcoming the fear that arises in connection with conflict and stress which is capable of shaping behavior with a desire for personality realization. In every person it is assumed that there are opportunities that can be freed up for self-expression.

And to express something oppressive means to get rid of it or at least reduce its intensity. To express is to share with others to see from the outside. You can talk you sing you paint you play you dance your experiences.

According to psychologists the “portrait” of a psychologically and mentally healthy person looks like this: “This person is self-sufficient somewhat spontaneous and creative cheerful and cheerful open and actively knowing himself and the world around him.”

It is very difficult to maintain your mental health today. But you must admit it is much easier to spread straw on your way than to fall and try to get back on your feet again. So stock up on straws and be healthy !!!

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