The summer tends to be a time of year, along with Christmas, where the good nutritional habits tend to relax. “In the months before the summer, increased sensitivity is observed for preventive or therapeutic measures to treat excess weight. However, immersed in vacation time, this attitude is parked, when according to the expert it would be optimal leverage in the summer months to initiate a change in eating habits and lifestyle that allow return to a way of salvation for the rest of the year.

In fact, there are some reports conducted on school-age population suggest that during the summer months, they can produce greater increases in weight and fat relative to the academic period. In the summer, coinciding with the holiday, some children and adolescents consume more calories at the expense of energy-dense foods such as junk foods, candies or sodas which are full of calories. This attitude causes a series of messy food intake based on multiple sockets and very different hours, including night hours that can alter sleep patterns, which is not always accompanied by an increase in physical activity, being an alarming sign.

It is not about abandoning food intake but the wrong frequency and quantity of some of them which create the problem of overweight. No problem if one exceeds the intake of vegetables, but if you do it continuously in foods with high energy density such as candy, ice cream, calorie drinks, meats or foods rich in animal fats. Rich in fiber, vegetables, fruits, fish or white meat are advisable, especially if these are cooked without frying by grilling or steaming.

Foods rich in carbohydrates rapidly absorbed and those high in fat, especially animal origin foods are those that promote weight gain and body fat most, so it is necessary to dispense with these foods into perspective, which does not mean to eliminate them completely from the diet. Considering to conduct a drastic diet is unwise because it threatens the health and does not necessarily improve the situation of overweight and obesity. We must flee the realization of excessively low calorie diets and lack one or more food groups that can make one lose weight precisely to maintain as muscle, bone and body water. The best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet; eating without excess in small quantities and throughout the day, and not to wait to be satisfied to stop eating because the brain takes about 20 minutes to realize that the stomach is already full.

If there are doubts about the type of food you should do, and especially if there is any associated disease, you should consult specialized health professionals in the field for a detailed information and effective advice which is safe for your health. To make it an error flawless process, you are recommended to read 3 Week Diet Review.

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