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Yoga is a great practice for everyone. It has immense mental, physical and spiritual benefits. Nowadays, more men than ever are practicing yoga. This is because of the unlimited benefits that yoga offers. What’s more is that there many different types of yoga to choose from. Men can actually opt for cardio, breathing, strengthening, stretching or just meditate.

If you are just a beginner starting out with the practice of yoga then this blog will help you a lot. Here we have listed different types of yoga classes with their benefits. Keep reading to know more:

1.       VINYASA YOGA: This yoga class includes different kinds of yoga poses that emphasize on the importance of breathing in the right manner. It is a dynamic type of yoga and can be pretty challenging if you are just a beginner. However, the yoga teacher trainer at yoga teacher training India will always be there to assist and perform the yoga postures in the right way. Vinyasa yoga is a full body workout and includes quick movements that keep the hart rate up. It is a great practice for strengthening, flexibility, toning and the balancing of body, mind and soul.  This type of yoga stresses on linking the movement of the body to the breath and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. This stimulation helps in balancing the body while leaving it calm and balanced.

2.       HATHA YOGA: Hatha yoga is a pretty slow and gentle type of yoga. It is a great practice for beginners because it has a calming effect on the body. There is no worry of lagging behind while practicing this yoga because it is very slow. Hatha yoga has some common breathing and meditation principles that help in improving the mindset while eliminating any overwhelming feelings. If you are just beginning the practice of yoga then this type of yoga is a great option. It will help you in relaxing, increasing your flexibility and getting your body aligned.

3.       ASHTANGA YOGA: The word ashtanga means the eight limbs of yoga. This type of yoga is a dynamic in nature and includes synchronistic movements. Some of the most popular yoga postures like sun salutations, seating and standing postures are included in it. The sequence in which this yoga is practiced is called series. Anyone can practice Ashtanga yoga. It helps in increasing stamina, flexibility and building internal heat. A person can also build focus and concentration as the meditation practice progresses.

4.       IYENGAR YOGA: Iyengar yoga is a detailed and very precise form of yoga. It was founded by B.K.S Iyengar and it focuses on the alignment of the body with the help of a series of classical poses. Different props like ropes, straps, sandbags are used to carry out the different poses of Iyengar yoga. This yoga is best for learning basic principles which further build a strong foundation for other types of styles. It also helps all parts of your bodywork in sync while giving a better muscle definition.

5.       RESTORATIVE YOGA: This type of yoga is more about realigning your body and letting your nervous system calm down. It is a slow yoga which uses both the mind and body. To put it simply, restorative yoga is a lesser amount of work and an increased amount of relaxation. As much as fifteen to twenty minutes are spent in each session using the props. It is best for healing both mind and body. Many injured people take restorative yoga classes to bring about healing and a quick recovery.

6.       BIKRAM YOGA: Bikram yoga is practiced in very hot and humid temperatures. If you like fast paced workouts that make you sweat then this type of yoga is right for you. Detailed knowledge of yoga practice and the ability to workout in an intense manner is required. Also, it is important to stay hydrated while practicing this yoga. Bikram yoga is practiced in a heated room of about 40-45 degrees. This creates a very intense level of sweating and dehydration. Water breaks must be taken while the practice goes on. Although it is a great form of working out, it is always best if this yoga is practiced in moderation. The temperature helps in providing improved flexibility.

All these yoga classes have a different purpose and different advantages. Once you have chosen a suitable yoga class, you can revel in it completely to experience its unlimited benefits. It is a guarantee that you will see positive changes in yourself and your body.

Author Bio:- Devakar Sandhu is an avid yoga enthusiast and a great entrepreneur. He is the founder of Tapovan YogaPeeth which is a yoga teacher training school located in Rishikesh, India. He aims to teach yoga in the most elaborate and professional form. Certified, skilled and highly experienced teacher impart the teachings of yoga both practically and theoretically in the yoga school. Devakar loves travelling and yoga. His dream is to provide world class practical yoga knowledge while promoting a lifestyle full of wellness, health and positivity via his website and other social media platforms.

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