Hormones are highly responsible for grown and repair of muscle as they regulate satellite cell activities. IGF 1 aka Insulin Growth factor, particularly Mecho Growth Factors or MGF as well testosterones are 2 most important mechanisms which encourage muscle growth.

Testosterone is main hormone which most of the individual think about when they work with weights. It increase protein synthesis, activates satellite cells, hinders protein breakdown and stimulates anabolic hormones. Though most testosterones are bound and not available for the use till 98 percent, strength training appears to help not just to release more of it, however also make muscle cells receptors more sensitivity to free testosterone. It can even stimulate response of growth hormone by increasing neurotransmitters presence at broken fiber site that can help in tissue growth activation.

IGF regulates amount of muscles mass growth through improving protein synthesis, repartitioning uptake of essential amino acids into the skeletal muscles, facilitating glucose uptake and also activating satellite cells.

If you don’t take adequate rest and nutrition, you actually reverse anabolic process as well as put body into destructive or catabolic condition. Response of muscles protein metabolic process to resistance workout bout can last for 1 to 2 days, therefore interaction between metabolism of protein and any meal taken in this time period will decide impact of diet on the muscle hypertrophy. Remember there is certain limitation on muscle growth depending on age, gender, and genetics.

Muscle hypertrophy is comparatively slow and takes time for most of people. There is generally no visible growth seen for few weeks or even months because most of the changes in the start are because of ability of nervous system to stimulate body’s muscles.

Additionally, different individuals have different genetics that range from the hormonal production, type and number of muscle fiber, along with the satellite cells activation which can all limit growth of muscle. To ensure you are doing best to grow your muscle, protein synthesis must surpass the breakdown of muscle protein which requires an adequate source of protein particularly essential amino acid and carbohydrates to facilitate cellular process of rebuilding broken muscle tissues. Visible growth in the muscles and obvious changes in the physique of the muscle structure on your body can be extremely motivational that is why you must understand the science behind how muscles actually grow which is extremely important.

For breakdown or growth of the muscle you need to force them to adapt by creating stress which is different as compared to preceding threshold of the body has already adapted. In the end most important thing begins that is rest to provide plenty of fuel to the muscles.

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