How Do People Develop Social Drinking to Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol Addiction

Social drinking occurs when individuals consume alcohol in a social setting to celebrate an occasion, kick back after a hard day of work, or feel like they are a part of a group. Also referred to as “responsible drinking,” social drinkers do not have the intent of becoming intoxicated when they consume alcohol. Social drinking is a common part of life in many cultures around the world, and drinking in moderation is viewed as socially acceptable in these societies. However, there are many times when the inevitable happens, and social drinking becomes alcoholism.

There are many possible causes for why an individual starts depending on alcohol in the first place. Even though social drinking innocently starts out as just a social activity, the reasons why social drinking becomes alcoholism can be biological to genetic, environmental to social. Some people are more likely to form alcoholism than others.

So, when trying to determine whether or not your adult child has formed a problem, see if these causes could be prevalent in their life:

Peer Pressure

If your child’s friends are drinking, it is more likely that your child will, too. Social influences can greatly contribute to social drinking, which can further put your child down the path to alcoholism.


Have you noticed that your child is commonly under stress with work, family, or other situations that arise in life? Many people use alcohol as a way to cope with the stress that they face daily.

Media acceptance

Is your child one to be swayed by the media? Since alcohol and drinking are depicted as enjoyable in media like TV and movies, your child may be influenced by what they see.

Other Health Problems

Health problems, whether they are physical or mental, maybe the reason that your child is using alcohol. Some people use alcohol to cope with their various medical problems.

Marketing and Advertising

Everybody sees alcohol advertised to them from a young age throughout all media outlets. Your child may have seen these campaigns and have been influenced by them.


If there is a history of alcoholism in your family, this may be more of a reason why your child may have formed a problem. In addition to the problem of having biological influences, your child being surrounded by alcohol as they were growing up can lead to the formation of their alcoholism as an adult.


Alcohol seems to be readily available, from small stores to supermarkets, depending on where you live. Since alcohol is very available, especially when your child is out with their friends, they may be more likely to form a drinking problem.

How Can You Treat Alcoholism?

If you are concerned about your child’s potential struggle with alcoholism, you should not wait to inquire about addiction treatment options. Call a rehab center today to learn about the various forms of treatment available for your unique needs. With an addiction treatment addiction center by your side, long-term recovery from when social drinking to alcoholism is only a phone call away.

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