Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight

Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight

Make a List of Smart Shopping

When you go to a supermarket, immense temptations assail us in every corner and it is all the food companies, among others, that use a variety of marketing techniques to influence your purchasing decisions, for example, one technique is called Neuromarketing. This science was born with the advances in neuroscience which has allowed to observe the brain’s response to certain stimuli. Thus, advertising experts have used it to study the most appropriate ways to convince the consumers to buy one product over another.

In order to avoid these temptations, it is best to plan the purchase in advance. So you simply develop a list of healthy foods and stay stick on it at the time of purchase and opt for healthy foods only.

Watch Less TV

Physical inactivity remains in force in our society dramatically. Worldwide surveys and data reveal that nothing can help your body if it remains in inactive state for longer time every day. According to the World Health Organization, the percentage of sedentary or nearly sedentary among adults varies between 60% and 85% and viewing TV contributes to this sedentary lifestyle. In addition, television is the best tool to stunt your imagination, limit social relationships or even opt for junk food.

Why do I gain weight if I watch television?

Besides contributing to sedentary, studies link watching TV with the penchant for certain unhealthy foods. Numerous published studies point out that certain companies related to the food sector are served in their advertisements for sports stars or music to promote their products, a fact that undoubtedly will affect preferences of viewers and especially in children.

Another previous study published in the Journal of American Medical Association linked watching television and other sedentary habits with increased risk of obesity and type II diabetes in women.

Daily Walk

Walking is a great exercise if you do it at a good pace. Many people who walk as part of their daily activity to stay fit must consider improving the benefits that it is necessary to increase the intensity of walk.

What do I have to walk to lose weight?

The ideal is to walk 45-60 minutes five times a week at a brisk pace. With this you get to burn calories and strengthen the immune system and stay away from many diseases and it also help you improve your mood.

Balanced Diet

Creating balance in every aspect of life is vital and it is greatly important in diet too. You must pay special attention to make a balanced diet and you may like to use a program like 3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt. To find if it is a right program for you, please check this 3 Week Diet review.