Does Recovery From Alcohol Involve More Than Just Laying Off The Booze?

Recovery From Alcohol

Alcoholism or alcohol addiction is a disease that we only have begun to fully understand. For many who have been diagnosed with alcoholism, there is a strange dichotomy that exists in reference to how to stop drinking like an alcoholic. Addiction is accepted in both medical and psychiatric circles as a cognitive disease. Using this definition as a citation for this assertion: alcoholics have little choice in whether or not they drink, yet to get sober, they also must make a decision as to whether they want to stop drinking or not. So, the missing link in this previous equation is: what stops the alcoholic from drinking after they have made the decision to stop drinking but cannot on their own?

The answer is simple: professional and complete alcohol rehab treatment center care from Genesis Recovery.

So, if you may have developed a dependency on drugs or alcohol, it is very important that you seek help from an addiction center. At addiction centers, individuals can receive answers to questions about detox, rehab stay, and outpatient services. Withdrawal symptoms can become life-threatening if the individual tries to withdraw from drugs or alcohol cold turkey. By withdrawing from drugs or alcohol abuse at a reputable detox clinic, individuals can withdraw safely and successfully.

At Genesis Recovery, we view and treat alcoholism as not simply a matter of completely alcohol detoxification and abstinence, but we see it as a holistic treatment journey that guides both men and women toward fulfilling and sober lives.

At Genesis Recovery, the first step toward recovery from alcohol is a cleansing of the mind and body through our alcohol detoxification program. Our alcohol detoxification process involves a time-efficient medical taper, comfortable recovery quarters, therapeutic counseling, and caring support for all of our guests.

We medically detoxify our clients with the safest and most effective medical measures. Our guests are monitored 24/7 by our clinical and medical staff during their detoxification process.

Our comfortable alcohol detoxification program living spaces are designed to provide our clientele with a physically comforting environment in which the detoxification process is endured.

Our professional therapeutic staff offers their constant support for our alcohol detoxification clientele, assessing and catering to each of our client’s unique counseling needs.

After the alcohol detoxification process is complete, our clientele is transferred to our alcohol rehab treatment center to continue their journey towards complete sobriety. Our alcohol rehab treatment center is a thirty-day program that is specifically geared towards men and women who cannot stop drinking alcohol on their own. Rather than ask our clients to simply “stop drinking,” we assess and treat all underlying mental health, trauma, and inner child issues that are exacerbating the disease of addiction.

At Genesis Recovery, our guests are educated on the disease of alcoholism and provided with tools to effectively prevent relapse. Through our assistance, you, too, can finally stop drinking alcohol. We understand that despite your best intentions, the disease of alcoholism may be preventing you from living a life of recovery and sobriety. Our professional alcohol rehab treatment center staff can help guide you toward the necessary steps you need to take to gain your independence from alcoholism.

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