Comparing Teva Versus Nike To Find The Best Water Shoes

From sparkling pools to the muddiest streams, water shoes provide multiple benefits to those who wear them. Being able to switch from wet to dry environments with exceptional traction, while protecting feet from cuts and scrapes are reasons this footwear a desirable option. The shoppers will find several familiar brands to choose from including Nike and Teva, so here is some insight into selecting the best option of water shoes.

Here we will explore the main differences between Teva and Nike. Both Teva and Nike are known for producing high quality footwear, so shoppers maybe not be able to make the decision on brand alone. Teva’s line is definitely designed for the hard core outdoor adventurer and look the part. Examples of what Teva offers include The Barracuda Sport with an open back, but full toe coverage and their churn model that looks more like a regular athletic shoe in appearance. Nikes Solarsoft line includes some flashier models like the boldly colored men’s moccasin which looks like a traditional tennis shoe with a mesh upper, but the slide model is much milder and is recommended more for the pool, beach or gym than rugged terrain.

There is a big difference between footwear that will be used poolside or at the beach, which requires only protection for the bottom of the foot and traction, and needing a pair of shoes suitable for exploring rivers, lakes and trails. Some water styles are versatile enough for any activity, while others are too lightweight to provide that safety and stability required. Let’s see what style you should get.

Open Toe

These look like the traditional sandal, but generally offer a rubber sole for gripping. Teva line offers a few options including Tanza and Toachi 2 models which are open, offering slightly less protection to the foot, but maximum draining potential.

Fully Enclosed

Both Teva and Nike offer options that look more like a regular athletic shoe than what you would expect for a water shoe. The main differences are the mesh uppers that allow water to drain through in aquatic situations.

Mules and Slides

Teva offers sandal styles and Nike offers a few mules and slides in Solarsoft line.

Anyone looking for the best water shoes can start his/her search by selecting the style to meet the activity he/she will be using it for from mild usage to conquering rugged terrain. The next decision could be choosing between Teva and Nike since both offer a variety of models to choose from in multiple styles and colors. If you want some other brands to consider,

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