3 Qualities of the Travel Nurse Practitioner

Travel jobs are not just for doctors, nurses, and therapists. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are also in high demand for either temporary or permanent travel jobs. The demand is so high that the nurse practitioner willing to travel usually finds him or herself in a very strong position, financially and professionally. As a travel […]

3 Things to Think About Before Opening an NP Practice

Nurse practitioners (NPs) fortunate enough to live in states that now recognize a broader scope of practice for NPs benefit through having so many more career paths to choose from. They are not confined to only the old traditional nurse practitioners jobs assisting doctors in their private practices or working at hospitals. They can now […]

Nurse Practitioners Climbing Aboard the On-Demand Train

Over the last 18 months, we have witnessed the birth of mobile medicine made possible by the growing on-demand economy. Companies are setting up new technology-based enterprises taking advantage of internet mobility to connect doctors with patients using smartphones as the intermediary. Now the doctors have competition. Nurse practitioners are also climbing aboard the on-demand […]

Nurse Practitioners and the Cost of Primary Care

A few weeks ago, we published a blog post discussing the question of whether nurse practitioners would contribute the same financial volume to hospitals and hospital-owned medical groups by taking the place of doctors in providing primary care. It was a fascinating thing to research. Now, new data from the University of California, San Francisco […]

Nurse Practitioner Career Paths: There Are Many

The emergence of nurse practitioners (NPs) as advanced practice caregivers in the 1940s and 50s was the direct result of a doctor shortage. Along with nurse anesthetists and midwives, NPs were thought of as assistants to medical doctors that acted as an extension of private practice. So much has changed over the last 70 years […]