Therapeutic Power of Vitamins

When administered in high doses, vitamins can be used to treat various diseases, including many diseases that conventional medicine fails to cure such as the case of schizophrenia or arthritis. In the 50s began the first research showing the therapeutic effects of vitamins. In 1955, the Canadian doctor Abram Hoffer published a study showing that […]

Properties and Food Sources of Vitamin E

Vitamin E has its main function of being an antioxidant which removes free radicals, the molecules containing a free electron and are able to damage the cells and genetic material, contributing to the production of various diseases such as atherosclerosis and cancer among other chronic diseases. Additionally, this vitamin is involved in immune system’s functioning, […]

Top 5 Diet Foods to Burn Fat Faster and Get Ideal Body Shape

1 – Chili to Speeds up Metabolism Process Chili, cayenne and other spicy foods contain capsaicin, a stimulating substance that generates heat and decreases body fat so it helps you lose weight. A research study about proteomics noted that this substance can prevent fat accumulation by stimulating proteins that degrades and prevents others involved in […]

Learn How to Develop Emotional Health!

Stay in touch with friends, family and people you care about. Do not let overwork or family responsibilities keep you away from those people who are important to you. These people can bring you different views of anything, help you stay active, be a source for enjoyable activities and share experiences, help to solve certain […]

Tips for Burning Calories and Improving Health with Exercise & 3 Week Diet Program

The calculation of calories burned is measured as a function of exercise intensity. With a calorie burning calculator, you can know how many calories you can burn according to your activity including housework. Swimming In swimming, you move every muscle in the body which improves agility without straining the joints and no matter what age […]

Put These 5 Tips to Help You Stay Slim

1 – Include These in Your Breakfast! Always remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so opt for a heart-healthy breakfast by inducing bread cereal or nuts with a little olive oil, grated tomato and guacamole. You can also take fiber from whole grains, nonfat yogurt or a latte. 2 – […]

How to Slow Down Aging & Stay Young Longer?

Now that scientists have explored clear causes why aging occurs, they are beginning to discover what can be done to age more slowly and stay younger for longer. Let’s see the main causes of aging first. Shortening of Telomeres At the ends of the chromosomes in our cells, there are structures called telomeres whose role […]

How to Improve Your Mental Health with Mindfulness?

Anxiety or suffering from psychological disorders do not seem to seem to rare issues today. However, you can use your own mind to change this, to begin to interact differently with your own mental state, emotions and behaviors, rather than continue to react automatically, as until now every time something comes up that you fear. […]