How to Improve Your Mental Health with Mindfulness?

Anxiety or suffering from psychological disorders do not seem to seem to rare issues today. However, you can use your own mind to change this, to begin to interact differently with your own mental state, emotions and behaviors, rather than continue to react automatically, as until now every time something comes up that you fear. […]

How to Lose Weight after the Summer with 3 Week Diet?

The summer tends to be a time of year, along with Christmas, where the good nutritional habits tend to relax. “In the months before the summer, increased sensitivity is observed for preventive or therapeutic measures to treat excess weight. However, immersed in vacation time, this attitude is parked, when according to the expert it would […]

Find the Essential Nutrients and Their Functions

Nutrients provide energy, repair and build tissues, therefore, are indispensable. To carry out all the physiological processes that allow us to be alive, the body needs essential nutrients which are acquired through food. These are divided into macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients are found in most of the foods i.e. proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Among the […]

How to Lose 10 Kilos without Undue Sacrifice in 3 Weeks?

There are many tricks you can apply if you want to lose weight fast within 3 weeks using diet and exercise properly. Contact a Good Nutritionist and a Program If you have raised a significant drop in weight such as 10 kg, it is advisable that you seek nutritionist or a weight loss program like […]

Find Foods That Contain The Best Proteins

Whether you eat meat as if you opt for fish or vegetables, you are taking proteins whose health effects are more or less the same. The big difference among one another is the source of protein found in these foods containing more than proteins. For example, if you eat a grilled steak of 170 grams, […]

Healthy Exercise & Diet Practices to Get Rid of Excessive Weight

Exercise in the Morning If you are on a vacation, it is general inn most cases that you fail to perform any physical activity, but it is necessary for good health. Just walk at least an hour or hour and a half, preferably, daily as experts warn that it is better to have at least […]

Benefits and Properties of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The fats are a series of compounds having in common being insoluble in water and soluble in certain organic solvents. Fatty acids are part of the composition of fats and exert several key functions in the body, and are an important source of energy, an essential component of all cell membranes and are involved in […]

Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight

Make a List of Smart Shopping When you go to a supermarket, immense temptations assail us in every corner and it is all the food companies, among others, that use a variety of marketing techniques to influence your purchasing decisions, for example, one technique is called Neuromarketing. This science was born with the advances in […]