The Traits to Be a Good Student in Teacher Training Program of Yoga

Besides what you learn in the yoga teacher training program regarding the practice of yoga and thought behind it, note that the training of teachers is a life experience that is usually intense and transformative, full of lessons for you. What you learn in this training extends to teachers and colleagues who know, consciousness you […]

Learn What Prana is and Its Importance in Yoga!

According to the science of yoga, prana is vital energy. It is an active principle that manifest all forms of the material world, which animates living things, which allows movement, makes the possible actions and determines the vital processes. Prana is the sum of the different forces of nature. It is in the light, in […]

Research Shows Stimulating Stem Cells Can Grow Hair

Millions of men and women around the world begin showing signs of hair loss in middle age. By the time many of them reach their late 50s and early 60s, they are showing signs of baldness. Some are completely bald. So what can be done? New research indicates that a simple procedure to stimulate stem […]

Noninvasive Options for Treating Sports Injuries

It is not just pro-athletes who sustain sports injuries. Amateur athletes and weekend warriors alike can pull muscles, strain tendons and ligaments, and so on. The good news is that there are a range of noninvasive options for treating these injuries. Unless an injury is considered major, treatments are fairly easy and normally lead to […]

Is FDA Warning a Precursor to More Stem Cell Regulation?

Two stem cell clinics, one in California and the other in Florida, were on the receiving end of action taken by the FDA this past summer. In addressing the action, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb promised further action against clinics offering experimental stem cell treatments that go above and beyond the “same basic function” standard the […]