A Spiritual Solution is Practical for Alcohol Addiction

Solution is Practical for Alcohol Addiction

Daniel Radcliffe, the star of “Harry Potter” series, commented on his addiction to alcohol in an interview with the Sky Arts channel: “I benefited by stopping drinking; it did not make me happy as I wanted.” As revealed by the actor, he began to drink alcohol to face the pressures of fame and his fear of failure. He said that he was scared that he wouldn’t get other roles after starring in the Harry Potter movies. He added that it was not a real pressure, but it was a pressure to live thinking about it.

There are people who drink because they feel the need to escape their problems and believe that they can find refuge in alcohol. In some cases, they drink excessively to cope with emotional states of anguish, low self-esteem, fear of failure, or loneliness, but they don’t realize that alcohol enhances aggressiveness.

Much research has been focused on dissecting these motifs. Many studies show differences where there is a higher percentage of adolescents who consume alcohol; it made them reflect on the differences not only personal and family, but also social levels of the participants. The various leisure activities where many recreational activities, sports, etc. are offered, increase the protective factors against alcohol consumption, also facilitating the success of preventive programs or reflecting their results.

Currently, the influence of the advertising of alcoholic beverages is high. Social pressure and communication in favor of alcohol consumption promote knowledge of the product and the idea that alcohol consumption is normal. This is a source of spread that encourages people to consume more and more alcohol.

To deal with this issue of alcohol addiction, one needs to find a rehab program. There are many ways available to approach the treatment of alcohol problems, including support groups, psychological therapies, etc., but change only occurs when there is an internal desire to break free from this scourge, to recognize alcohol addiction as a disorder, and to accept the help of friends, and family.

Developing actions in the family characterized by spiritual qualities such as patience, compassion, and love are also extremely important, as they collaborate in the alcoholics’ recovery process. Those who do not have the support of family and friends can turn to a spiritual solution and find a healing response to overcome this habit.

Alcoholism does not lead to true and permanent satisfaction or joy because all types of addiction cause deception, dependence, and suffering at personal, family, and social levels, in addition to causing a false state of well-being in the drinker. Joy and satisfaction are spiritual qualities, and they are achieved as we know divine love and experience it in our consciousness. I know many people who do not consume any alcohol and have fun very naturally at parties, yet they constantly express joy. The more you identify with the spiritual, the more you want to know the true meaning of life and your role in it. These little steps can help everyone who wants to find true and permanent release from alcohol and satisfaction.