5 Reasons to Engage in Different Workout Routines

You love your gym and your weight lifting regime. We get it, once a workout routine becomes a habit, it’s hard to let it go. “Why should I change my workout routine” you would ask. While regular exercise has physical and mental benefits, our body gets used to the same exercises we perform day in day out and end up not getting the best benefits of exercise. Mixing up the workout routines, as it turns out, is essential to work different muscle groups and stay on track your fitness goals.

Plus, after a while, it is difficult to not get bored doing the same exercises. Thanks to the ever-changing and booming fitness industry, there is no dearth of workout routines or exercises. You should try new and upcoming workouts like CrossFit, MMA, Pilates, Zumba, and other combat sports. For example, if you have been going to the gym for some time now, go for a HIIT class at a gym near you. It will be a change of place as well as a change for your body’s fitness level.

You need consistency but only initially to get into a regular workout routine. However, as you proceed, your muscles need a challenge to grow, which only a change of routines can provide. Check out FITPASS – one membership that gives access to over 200 workout routines at 3,500+ fitness centers across India.

Reasons to Change your Fitness Routine

  1. Injury prevention

Overuse injuries or ‘repetitive strain injuries’ are common among people who put their bodies through the same exercises for prolonged periods. Running, playing tennis (the action of repetitively hitting the tennis ball), kicking & punching (combat sports or martial arts classes), and performing the same stroke while swimming are some examples of repetitive actions that might lead to such injuries.

By mixing up activities, the overused muscles, ligaments, and joints get time off and rest to recover before you exercise them once more. In case you are injured, performing exercises that do not include the use of the injured body part allows you to heal as well as stay active.
2. Weight loss

One of the most coveted benefits of exercise is weight loss. Most people are thinking of shedding extra KGs when they search gyms near me on search engines. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, when you participate in the same, let’s say, gyms workout sessions or Pilates classes every day, your body gets used to the exercises and eventually starts to expend fewer and fewer calories with the same amount of exercise.

Therefore, to break through the weight loss plateau, you must challenge your body in a way it is not used to. As a result, your muscles will have to work harder to adjust to the new workout and thus, you will burn more calories. In any case, eat sensibly because, without a healthy diet, everything is lost.

3. Re-motivate yourself

If you’re looking at the clock often while at the gym, then there’s no doubt that you’re forcing yourself to work out. It happens quite often that you get bored with running on the same routes. Don’t let your workouts become a burden because that will not help you achieve your goals. So, go for a Zumba class or a Yoga class instead of the regular gym workout for a change of pace and to challenge your body. Say, if you’re a runner, add speed intervals instead of running the same distance at a comfortable speed. Add a short sprint after a warm-up run and follow it with a slow jog to recover. You will find that your workouts won’t be boring any longer if you mix it up.

4. Improved muscle building

It is easy to identify someone as a gym-goer by the way he/she looks and walks. Sometimes just a look at the biceps is enough. For that matter, powerful arms and shoulders give a swimmer away while chiseled legs say, “long-distance runner”. Professionals spend most of their time on the drills and exercises associated with their sport, which builds certain muscles. However, they participate in other routines to build other muscles that assist their actions. The best way for you to build all the muscles is to do a little of everything. This will not only help you build a powerful upper body but strengthen your heart as well. You will improve your physical abilities and look good as well.

5. Improved brain health

When you exercise, you do not only keep physically well but keep your brain’s functional strength intact and prevent memory loss. The brain benefits not just from exercise but a variety of them. When you perform new and complex actions, they don’t require you to exert energy while employing your mind to do it correctly; it requires coordination and concentration, which is an exercise for your brain.

Therefore, choose activities that keep you active, not those that you can do without thinking twice. Over exercising is never the answer because that will only tire you. However, exercise you must. According to studies, active people are less likely to be troubled by diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and stroke.


Not getting the same results as you did when first started working out. You might need to mix up workout routines. 

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