5 Apps That Motivate You To Improve Health and Fitness

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The sedentary lifestyle is damaging your health. Sitting for six hours a day or more a say has been linked with type 2 diabetes, lung and colon cancer, heart disease, obesity and more. 

Moreover, the World Health Organisation reports obesity has tripled since 1975 and work-related stress is a global pandemic. Unhealthy lifestyles are contributing to a rise in chronic illnesses and early deaths. 

One of the problems of staying fit and healthy is motivation. The real truth of the matter is humans are not very good at keeping commitments – especially to ourselves. 

In recent years, health-related apps have emerged in an effort to use technology for good. Fitness apps are the nudge we need to stay focused and motivated. 

Below are five of our favorite apps that help us stay committed to the cause.

Nike+ Running

The Nike+ Running app is the ultimate in goal-setting technology and helps you to incentivise your fitness program. Psychologically, we respond better to target-setting because goals restructure brain function to help keep you focused and emotionally invested. 

The more data an app gives you about your performance, the more motivated you are to achieve your personal goals and gradually raise the bar. Marked improvements give your motivation and your morale an extra boost.

Sweatcoin Walking App 

Walking is known to have numerous health benefits. Researchers have even found walking is a healthier way of exercising than running because it is a more efficient form of movement and does not put as much pressure on the heart. 

Although many of us walk every day, we’re not walking enough to improve health and fitness. Sweatcoin was established to fine-tune the way we approach a healthy lifestyle by creating an app that enables you to convert your steps into digital tokens. 

For every 1000 steps, the app awards you 1 SWC – a digital token similar to Bitcoin. The company has partnered with over 300 vendors that offer discounts on their products which you can pay in SWC. The more you walk, the more you save. 

Fit-Bit Coach 

If you don’t know which fitness program suits you yet, download the Fit-Bit coach and trial a range of options without having to pay monthly subscriptions at various gyms, clubs and studios. 

Fitbit Coach promotes customised training programs that inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle. The programs are lead by enthusiastic instructors and enables you to switch trainers simply by updating your settings. 

Workouts are also tailored to your fitness level, ability and preference. If you want to lose weight, hit the cardio programs in “Get Moving” and “Get Lean”. Alternatively “Get Strong” builds up muscle tone and Daily Dose keeps you motivated and committed to hitting your targets every day. 


We often give ourselves excuses not to workout. A common theme is not having enough time. To be fair, a lack of time is a problem in today’s non-stop society. 

The Sworkit app aims to motivate people to exercise at home – which is ambitious considering the home is the least effective motivator for keeping up fitness routines. 

Still, every little helps, so if you genuinely are pressed for time, Sworkit is a good option for you to reach your fitness goals faster.  

Zombies, Run!

Inspired by movies and video games, the Zombies, Run! app brings some light-hearted fun into your workout routine. You start out by walking or jogging but have to speed up every time you are being chased by zombies. 

The premise of the app casts you as the hero in your own zombie movie. To survive you have to achieve the fitness goals for each mission. And with over 20k challenges to achieve in 23 missions, there is plenty of motivation to improve your health and fitness. 

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